Why the Cartier can be among the “Top Ten watches”?

Cartier as a luxury in the low-key luxury brand, not only in China’s fame, even in the world, the name of Cartier is definitely called the ring. Cartier jewelry is not only well known, and Cartier watches and clocks products is among the ranks among the top ten watches.
Some people are very respected Cartier watch, while some people think that Cartier is “well-known under the fact difficult to deputy”, but no matter what kind of view, have brought enough attention for the Cartier. And as a French brand of Cartier not only to enter the ranks of the world’s top ten watches, and even the top ten Swiss watch rankings also have Cartier’s figure, so do not know if we can understand it?
Cartier was born in 1847 in Paris, France, at the time, France is also the tabulation center, but Cartier began to walk or jewelry line. Cartier clever distribution of children and high-quality goods, many royal members of the favor, as the “emperor’s jeweler”, and later became the “jeweler of the emperor.”
In 1904, when the company’s owner Louis Cartier for his good friend Santos designed a wrist can be worn on the table, is said to be the world’s first wrist can be worn on the watch, although the “table King “Patek Philippe’s record, that he created the first bracelet watch, and Breguet is that his Queen of Naples is the first, but Cartier but because of this watch Santos entered the well-known watchmaker’s Ranks, and achievements of the Cartier watch an important series – Santos series, so a look at who is the first has been less important.
Such a look, Cartier watch industry is also carried out earlier, not to mention France has also been one of the focus of the seventeenth century watchmaking, but as the world’s top ten Cartier watches as one of the reasons is not very good, Not to mention the Swiss watch. If you want to become a member of the Swiss watch, get Swiss certification, then we must have a Swiss descent, therefore, a Swiss watch factory is essential.
In the Cartier Swiss watch factory before the birth, in addition to the watchmaking headquarters in France, there are part of the watch and Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet and Jaeger-LeCoultre watch brands such as signing a special, can be considered a public Of the long. However, this is not the Geneva mark.
In 2001, Cartier in Switzerland, the heart of the watchmaking – La Xia Defang built their own Swiss watch factory. Here brought together from around the world nearly forty countries capable craftsman. Light of these or not enough to become a “Top Ten List” of a. Cartier watch series in addition to well-known and its design and innovation, the most critical or technology.
Remember in 1911, Cartier has launched a so-called “magic magic clock”, after the introduction of the mysterious tourbillon is also puzzling, this technology is not going to Cartier rumor, because it can be regarded as Cartier Housekeeping skills.
In this way, with the new Cartier 9454 MC double mystery Tourbillon movement won the Geneva high-quality mark. The floating tourbillon, which rotates every 60 seconds, seems to be completely suspended in the air and does not seem to have any connection to the other components. When the tourbillon frame begins to rotate every 5 minutes a week, the final result of this magical visual experience.
After years of effort, Cartier has finally received a symbol of the quality of the Geneva mark. Fame has, the certificate has, this should celebrate. But Patek Philippe because of the addition of certain brands to make a small temper, the outside world will also be “some brands” point to the Cartier, the event also indirectly led to Patek Philippe in 2009, the Geneva mark from the cattle X also shining Patek Philippe imprint to Birth.
The major watch brand rankings or ranking is rarely initiated and developed by the official, therefore, whether it is crazy crazy Cartier, or accused of Cartier, or to look at the usual mentality would be better. Because this ranking is more on the brand in all aspects of the overall strength of the evaluation and affirmation, even into the top ten in the list of Cartier, may also because of its comprehensive strength. If from this point of view, Cartier is still very good.