Which is better for Longines quartz or mechanical watches?

which is better for Longines quartz or mechanical watches:contrast

1, accuracy: quartz watch timing accuracy than the mechanical watch about 100 times higher than the daily error of quartz watches within 0.5 seconds, mechanical watches daily error of 45 seconds or so, and as the temperature changes, sometimes faster sometimes slow some.

2, maintenance: quartz watch without winding, two years for a battery, usually do not have to maintain, mechanical watch every day on the winding, once forgotten will stop timing, more trouble, and mechanical watch on time It is difficult to aim at the second hand, the quartz watch can be very convenient to stop the second hand;

3, weight: quartz watch can be made of plastic movement and gear, you can do very thin very light micro, and mechanical watches must be made of metal movement, and its difficult to miniaturization of complex institutions, so than the quartz watch Heavy;

4, the price: mechanical watch work is very important, low-volume production capacity, so the price is very expensive, at least 100 yuan or more, and quartz watch was plastic movement is easy to process, circuit boards can also mass production, So the price should be lower, ordinary quartz watch only 2,30 yuan can buy;

5, cultural taste: This is the mechanical watch proud of the advantages of a well-made mechanical watch, can be feast for the eyes, to enhance the master’s taste, to bring the glory of a noble;

6, life: mechanical watch depends on its metal movement, you can even for your future generations of loyalty service for hundreds of years, many people as a heirlooms; and quartz watch as the circuit and the plastic movement Of the reasons for their life to have 10 years of good, many are 5 years on the wear and tear, not to mention a family;

7. Design: General mechanical style is not so fashionable, quartz design will be more diversified. Mechanical watches by the internal structure of the impact of the style is often not rich quartz watch, and the new release time is also very long, compared to the quartz watch design is more abundant.

Longines quartz watch features:

(1) quartz watch seconds when the second hand is a cell jump, very accurate when walking, generally require monthly difference in less than 15 seconds, there are two three-pin and two.

(2) movement in the use of integrated circuits, mechanical structure than the movement of many simple, very simple assembly.

(3) easy to use, no need to wear a winding, a battery is generally available 2-3 years. But some quartz watch with lithium battery, long life, available 7-8 years.

(18k gold or diamonds or precious metals), excellent design, resulting in some of the quartz (the same brand of the same style), but some high-end brand quartz watch price is expensive because the brand is good, Table than the general value of much higher mechanical watches.
Longines quartz watches and mechanical watches which is a good introduction, if the pursuit of convenient and practical, then buy a quartz watch, if it is presented to others or to set off their noble status, then choose a workmanship mechanical watch. Mechanical watches and quartz watches have their own advantages, how to choose different.