Which brand is better for Longines and Mido?

Longines watches and the Mido watches comparison:

1 history and culture Longines origins can be traced back to 1832, has been 178 years of history. TheMido watches was in 1918 due to the creation of Zurich, Switzerland. So far, but 92 years. Both the historical and cultural heritage is not the same level.

2 brilliant history and achievements Geneva Observatory for seven consecutive years awarded 83 honorary awards to Longines, including 1930, a maritime timer precision won the most important achievement award. In the United Kingdom, in 1885 Longines also received 141 Observatory Award, in addition to another 50 astronomical observatory test for the Excellence Award. From 1907 to 1913, Longines in Washington, the United States won a total of two Observatory first prize, and 1922 9/10 awards are all included by the Longines. The United States in 92 years of history and Longines compared to the difference is too far in this regard is not comparable.

Longines watches are second-class first-class world watches, and Mido watches are not third class. Two completely not in the same level, there is no comparable.

Founded in Suomiya, Switzerland in 1832, the Longines watch has a long history and craftsmanship for more than 175 years. It also has an outstanding tradition and excellence in sports timing. To wing the hourglass as the symbol of the elegant Longines known to the world, as the world’s leading watch manufacturer Swatch Group’s well-known brands, Longines has been around the world more than 130 countries. Mido was founded in 1918 in Zurich, Switzerland. It is intended to make a watch that can be a close friend of yours. The watchmaking philosophy of Mido is a combination of timeless design and practicality, not a trend. Designed to create a piece of high-quality materials, precise movement and has excellent waterproof performance can be a long time to have the watch.Every time the pursuit of timeless classic design of the United States watches in 2008 ushered in its 90th anniversary.

the glorious history of Longines watch

Longines watch the glorious history can be traced back to 1832, by young businessman August Agassi in Switzerland to start and start watch business. Since then, his nephew Ernest Francion skillfully expand the business into a large scale watch company, he opened in 1866 in the Swiss watch factory. With unremitting efforts to seek technical breakthroughs and constant innovation to make Longines sit tight in the design leadership. Accurate and beautiful is the Longines gives the consistent feeling, since the creation of more than 160 years, Longines watches and the wearer participated in numerous world-renowned sports and adventure activities in the history of writing a brilliant page. In 1904, the Longines Express Monarch a US Antarctic Expedition praised, up to 429 days of the trip, Longines can maintain only four seconds of the time difference, the accuracy is amazing. In 1912 the Basso federal games, Qin Lang chronograph for the 3500 athletes to calculate the correct speed, once again become the target of praise. In view of the Longines plant produced a highly accurate timepiece, a lot of contribution to the maritime research, and was issued a senior certificate to prove. Then in 1964, Longines more with the world’s smallest electronic quartz navigation when the Observatory won the championship, showing its achievements in the timing. Longines in 1879 to create the world’s first stopwatch, in 1969 and once again lead to produce the world’s first quartz watch. Longines another achievement is the use of the characteristics of quartz vibration generated by jumping word display, as the first use of liquid crystal display timer. In 1979, Longines also introduced at that time the world’s thinnest watch, watch body thickness of less than two millimeters. These inventions laid the Longines watch in the creation of ideas and the prominent position of science and technology.