What is the Mido brand?

What is the Mido brand?
Mido, namely the United States and Switzerland of watch. Founded in the Swiss Jura (Jura) mountains center Locle (Le Locle) town, the name of the watch from the United States and Switzerland Spanish “Yo mido”, meaning “I measure.” The United States and Switzerland degree watch set design aesthetics, durability, functionality in one, given the eternal remarkable quality of the United States and Switzerland watch. Most of Mido watch design inspiration is derived from the historical landmarks on the innovative cutting technology, precision mechanical movement and high-quality materials, the US and Switzerland watch unique charm of the three pillars. For nearly a century, the United States and Switzerland has become a model of watch Swiss mechanical watches.
What is the Mido grade?
The United States and Switzerland of the watch is the world’s largest watch manufacturer and distributor – a member of the Swatch Group. The United States and Switzerland with a degree watch 2500 Yujia Guan party retail outlets in more than 50 countries around the world. Swatch Group, there are many well-known watch brands such as: Longines, Tissot, Hamilton and the like. Swiss watches have three big grade, first grade watch brand Patek Philippe, second grade Casio, Omega, etc., mido belong to the third grade, entry-level, relatively close to the people watch brands. Longines, Tissot also belong to this last grade, mido Tissot is slightly higher than the level a little, but slightly inferior and Longines. In small series, mido is the third grade in the most cost-effective a watch, high quality coupled with a stylish appearance, like Tissot, as everyone knows, is synonymous with understated elegance perhaps mido’s.
It is worth mentioning mido
Automatic movement, Mido movement has a precise test position when three go, high-quality Nivaflex NO mainspring lasting power, carved pendulum Tuo, Incabloc shock device, etc. excels, Mido watches most transparent case back design, can be observed when walking, the Mido series offers certified chronometer watches. Observatory refers to the COSC (Swiss official tabulation Bureau) mechanical movement multiple orientations, different temperatures tested to ensure its accurate travel.
Waterproof performance, Mido watch is worn 24 hours a day while the design of the watch. Original Aquadura cork crown sealing system. Natural cork embedded in the crown stem and ensure perfect waterproof. Year-round special treatment makes cork moist and elastic. Even in the case of the crown did not exactly tight, still waterproof. Aquadura cork system is suitable for 50 and below waterproof watches for more than 100 meters depth using screw crown and back cover to resist pressure to ensure waterproof. Since Mido excellent waterproof performance, it has earned “waterproof crown” reputation.
Watchmaking materials, only the Swiss watch industry in the best materials. Case and bracelet are made from high quality 316L stainless steel. Between gold and gold-plated products are based on PVD (vacuum ion plating) surface treatment technology. This not only gives the watch an attractive appearance and its firmness to be effective in scratch-resistant and corrosion. Mido is one of the few brands to provide titanium mechanical watches. This high-tech metal materials commonly used in aeronautics and surgical fields. Compared with steel, it has a lighter, corrosion-resistant, anti-allergy and other advantages.