What is the grade of Ebohr in China four watches?

China’s four watches:
FIYTA watch is China’s flagship national brand, the industry’s only “King of Chinese watches” public listed company “Famous Chinese Trademark” and “China Famous Brand” crown. FIYTA adhering to the “pursuit of perfection, excellence” spirit of enterprise, to learn and explore the world’s most advanced design concepts and tabulation process, has introduced elegant style, taste and noble classics: the first domestic one carbide watch, the first a precision ceramic watch, a platinum first mechanical watch, the end of 1999 to launch the “Millennium light” Diamond table in Beijing reached 101,800 yuan of domestic watch auction record, and Chinese History Museum permanent collection, as China watches witnessed industrial development. China’s long history of timing, FIYTA adhering to national cohesion qualities watch cultural, carved, excellence, so that every detail of the watch are fully reflects the Chinese people’s infinite wisdom and rich imagination.
2: according to wave
According to wave a Chinese national brand leader in the watch. 1999, according to wave through the ISO9001 international quality certification. In the same year, China’s CBA Basketball Association Sport line of watches designated the sole sponsor and supplier per season CBA League A champion Diamond table; in August 2002, was awarded one of the “big four watches” China “according to wave” is selected Shenzhen City watches Association unit; September the same year, “according to wave” won “China Famous brand” award. 2002, “according to wave” sales soared, watch brand in China annual sales volume, market share are among the best.
3: Rossini
Analog quartz watch is Rossini company’s leading product, it highly personalized style, excellent quality, excellent performance and perfect after-sales service and trusted by consumers, but also become the Rossini Watch Industry one of the four brands.
4: King
“King” brand watches. Superior quality, exquisitely beautiful, won the majority of consumers. “King of the table,” the growth of domestic well-known brands, in 2003 passed the ISO9001 quality system certification. March 15, 2004, “King of the table” as “the most influential Shenzhen well-known brand” of honor; in production capacity, with a number of production lines, hundreds of professional production, assembly technicians, a strong production capacity to ensure that the retail gift market demand!