What is the grade of Corum, how about the Corum watch ?

Corum watch will be the perfect combination of technology and beauty, was established in 1955, is a classic luxury brand in the second-tier brands, the quality is very good, undeniable. But there are still a lot of friends will ask, Corum table is what grade? Corum table how? Let’s take a look.

Corum Table was established in 1955 in La Chaux de Fonds (La Chaux-de-Fonds). Gaston Ries, with his nephew Rene Bannwart, transformed his private studio into a unique private label.

What is the grade of Corum ?
Corum table belongs to a class of second-class watch brands, suitable for China’s high-paying play table. The purchase of these brands to the table so that you and love the table will increase the number of people. Corum watch factory since its inception in 1955, that is, with the courage to break through the traditional, keen on innovation, perfect perfection, just 40 years to be recognized as the world’s most vibrant brand-name watch manufacturer.

How about the Corum table ?
Corum watch the attitude and direction, bold and surprising creative expression, still continue to attract a strong unique personality and always dream of the table fans. This is because Corum table unique style and inspired from the heart of the emotional creativity, to touch the hearts of the moving, and deeply their appreciation.

Corum shows another unique style of innovation. Hand-painted and enamel and other artistic creation by a series of limited edition watches face plate, vivid show. The altar table called the most surprising bubble series, but also continue to show people amazing design ideas.

Corum Table History:
Created in 1955 CorumCorum table, although there is no hundred years watch factory frequently brilliant history, but in the efforts of Corum, into the self-style, so that ‘time’ become interesting together. 2005 coincides with the 50th anniversary of Corum, Corum also to accumulate years of watchmaking skill, introduced the world’s limited tourbillon three asked form, as a souvenir.

Corum watch Series:

Corum watches are full of endless creative energy, each one has its unique, the watch can be divided into five series: design series, classic heritage series, romantic series, luxury series, jewelry series.

Design series includes: bubble series, swing series, rocket series. Each one is refreshing, beyond imagination, not only highlights the brand’s design strength, but also to attract the pursuit of unique style table fans.
The Corum watch makes time fun and makes time a naughty wizard on the wrist. Corum is writing an eternal and immortal history of time.