Verify the OMEGA authenticity

We will introduce several methods of  Omega identification
1. Dial.
Strictly speaking, this fake watch dial deal with are relatively close to the real watch. Whether it is the color of the panel, details a pattern of, or the scale of the process, and almost real watch is no different. Two vulnerabilities leave the watch: a perspective that the degree of printing. True word watch is three-dimensional, shiny, word off the watch is flat, dull, and I think this pigment printing also has a relationship. Two that that sign OMEGA, not only posted a little crooked, and the middle a little concave, and looks really some gaps. But I do not know if this is a common problem or personality problems. There is worth saying that the luminous leave the watch to do very detailed, luminous hands painted on the very flat, scale bar behind the luminous location is also very positive, very round. In the night environment, luminous leave the watch even brighter than the real watch.
2. Glass
On this point, leave the watch does not have the cost to be copied. True glass watch with a sapphire glass with a coating, made a smooth outer chamfer. The reflection and refraction of light have good treatment effect, and leave the watch although the use of sapphire, but it is not chamfered product, the outer part of the rough, do not see purple coating. From the pictures can be seen, the real watch can clearly see the details of the glass below the dial, and leave the watch how many there are some reflective existence.
3. Case
Case steel watch genuine texture and grinding process, are very alike. From the front of the satin-finished, four claws into the side of mosaics, to the depth of the outer ring the Roman alphabet, color, leave the watch really does not lose the real watch. In particular, details four claws, with the magnifying glass to see, really there are inlaid watch not in place, and leave the watch is completely in place. People have to be doubly depressed.
4. head
It can be said, only his head off the watch and really do not have any significant differences. Want to come too, so the process is not difficult. Look with a magnifying glass, in addition to the head angle and perspective of the corners a little lacking some, but the head of the three-dimensional mark OMEGA, the difference between true and false almost invisible. This can not be said to be a regret OMEGA million level in the process.
5 cover.
We can say that the back cover off the watch to do very much alike. As can be seen from the picture,
Frame imitating real watch mirror polished, brushed imitating real watch in the middle, is not fault of. That the use of a magnifying glass, it is difficult to see significant differences. The only difference is brushed slightly thicker. The middle of the observatory shape, leave the watch comparison watch really a little fat, which is probably related to their copies of carved mold. Sky position and size of eight stars of exactly the same, except that the true star treatment watch body set up in the middle of the stars than on the edge. The star treatment leave the watch became a plane. To handle the entire middle of the watch with a very real level of matte, a bit like Akiko Okazaki cards rough bottom, rather then leave the watch a lot of rough, grainy and too scattered. And then for the serial number, each full of OMEGA will only cover the following in a separate serial number engraved, Look at this replica fake watch, of course, does not ignore this fact. The serial number is also engraved like decent mold. Lettering is also very clear, but there seems to have black oil is not clean. I do not know what the process is left. I listen to some lines in the friend said, batch number off the watch is different, this is the counterfeiters more progressive technologies. Internal processing is alike. In addition to while using a red rubber waterproof out of the loop, the inner cover inside the polished circular arrangement are exactly the same. Content lettering is also almost the same, even for the lettering off the watch clearer. Do not leave the watch a unique attention to detail is the OMEGA logo. OMEGA modern logo with a round, and leave the watch processing become antique OMEGA’s long waist flag. Overall evaluated, thus hiding the fake person, the consumer can not see the inside cover are doing so carefully, he says that it is well-intentioned, for the true form of a challenge.
6. The chain belt
Feel the difference between true and false chain belt is still very obvious. Especially chamfering process chain belt really considered to be very good, get the hands lubricated feeling fake chamfered outer chain belt to do good, but inside the chamfered corner revealing a horse, and grasping hands touch when there is “hanging” of feeling. Another difference is:
Fake chain belt connecting the screw column, you can use a screwdriver to adjust the length of time easily disassembled. But really with a more sturdy uprights, you need to be punched by an external force. In all fairness, I have two demolition strap, it felt fake more reasonable convenient.
7. lead Mosaic OMEGA logo.
This is to make real watch details distress. Although the use of gold as a true mosaic, but the three-dimensional sense of clarity and even better to leave the watch.
8. snap button.
As a way of engaging with the chain, OMEGA This is a classic snap button. Here the difference between true and false details watch shrink again, lettering or false clearer, but also deeper. True form has not been successfully imitated feature is the sliding time smooth feel. Details on the operation of this feeling, compared to the fake watch makers have no energy to take into account.