The world rankings of Breitling watch

In fact, in the field of chronograph watch, Breitling watches can be described as a leader, with its precision and reliability, performance, performance is very good, but it is not the same, Excellent precision instruments, many people conquer the heart, witnessed numerous brilliant moments.
Breitling is the production of novel and unique and durable multi-purpose watch eagerly. Over the years for the aviation industry tabulation experience, Breitling products have a significant feature, it is always concerned about the functional orientation of the watch, given its products continue to adapt to aviation, navigation, navigation, diving and other special needs of the industry, Financial practicality, functionality and diversity as one of the perfect combination. Thus, the Breitling table is not just a timer, and is a precision instrument, known as “aviation computer” reputation.
Breitling watch how the world rankings

Breitling watch brand in the world ranking list, belonging to the second class watch. This watch brand is the backbone of ETA, more inclined to ETA senior core, a certain transformation and polishing process or design focused, occupy the mid-range high-level areas.

what is grade of Breitling watches ?

BREITLING is the world watches, to create a flying table is known in the eyes of fans in the table, no less than Rolex, Omega brand positioning than high, can be known as labor and Europe. World-renowned professional timepieces BREITLING, since the beginning of this century has been and indissoluble bound flight. Since the thirties, BREITLING is the production of aircraft cockpit when the pilot watch the authority. Pilots on the minute is not bad, highly accurate timing tool requirements are very strict. Highly reliable BREITLING products, in quality and functionality are constantly innovate, and strive to break through to meet their stringent requirements.
Following the 1936 became the Royal Air Force’s designated supplier, BREITLING also followed for the US military and major airlines to provide sophisticated professional timepieces. BREITLING has also spared no effort in promoting fancy flying performances. Since 1993, BREITLING has set up the first World Flying Competition, becoming the first and only recognized competition of the International Flying Association. BREITLING to those who pay tribute to the outstanding air force, each year are limited edition of the troop logo wrist timepiece. These teams come from different parts of the world, including Thunderbird and Blue Angels in the United States, Red Arrow in the UK, Frecce Tricolori in France, the French Self-Defense Force, Snowbird in Canada, Patrouille in Switzerland Suisse, Sweden’s 60th Squadron, Spain’s Yakira and the Japanese Defense Force.

how about the Breitling watches

BREITLING is a sports watch designed for all kinds of professionals, it is accurate, durable, high stability characteristics, suitable for any exciting and dangerous activities, such as flying, diving, mountain climbing, racing … To meet professional requirements, BREITING Product quality and functionality are rigorously tested, the movement were awarded ISO3159 certification, and in line with the Swiss Observatory standards, accuracy of almost 100 percent, and a magnetic function, excellent shock resistance. BREITLING and continuous research and development, making the watch is no longer just a timer, it can be regarded as a highly sophisticated instruments, such as microwave communication function of the “Emergency” rescue table; for the American frog forces “SEAL’s” BREITLING traditional watches – professional aviation table is more widely recognized by the Air Force, is the world’s only to all of its models to provide the Swiss official Observatory certified watch brand
Breitling watch features

Precise, accurate, reliable, sturdy and functional precision timepieces of the five elements, by the constant demand of all angles, Breitling is not just a timer, but also “the wrist of precision instruments.” Whether in the air, on land or the sea, it will accompany the human together to fond memories or tense moments.

As a watch technical experts, Breitling chronograph watch in the history of the development played an important role in the field of chronograph watch leader. Breitling with its precision and reliability, excellent performance of precision instruments, the conquest of the sky in the long journey of mankind, witnessed numerous brilliant moments. As the only full-line movement in the world through the Swiss official Observatory certification (COSC) watch brand, Breitling is not only a symbol of extraordinary precision, is one of the few self-developed self-winding chronograph movement watch brands, these All the movement by the Breitling precision timepieces center manufacturing. As a family business, Breitling is currently the only remaining Swiss watchmakers one of several independent.