The shock force of Mido mechanical table

Great Wall narrates the vicissitudes of history of the Chinese nation, also witnessed a glorious history of a glorious glorious moment. Great Wall plans inspired by Mido watches is the planner at the top of the Great Wall, when touched personally feel masonry violent shock. Shaoguang flow through the wrist, the watch tick mark mottled history and relative to the joint, formed Mido reflects the unparalleled artistic ability.
Great Wall series Mies watch 31mm pure elegance of the Great Wall is Daoguang ghost is Gujiao contention, war is war, who wanted this deep male masculinity was also vigilant in defending ray of tenderness. Mies watch Great Wall series with 316L stainless steel body to create a steel watch, decorated with exotic decorative scale, screw head guarantee 50 meters water on silver embossed dial, follow the wear necessary more places. Super LumiNova luminous white pointer by disposal of punishment, coupled with double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal, and thus ensure a clear night reading. And through the transparent backing, carved secret agents technology people once again pondering the “Great Wall” shock force.

Great Wall Series Men watch 42 mm of dignified atmosphere of the Great Wall stretches for thousands of years, witnessed a section of history, also reported a section of legend, the legendary history of the Great Wall has become the bearer of the totem of the Chinese nation. Planners Mido’s stop on the Great Wall, stroking a block boulders vicissitudes, decide between 42mm diameter reproduce that armored cavalry, fierce country Cantabile time, carving some masculine majestic epic. Mido Great Wall series men’s watch with chronometer certification initiative machine movement, ensure accurate travel time, so watch wearers can probably improve not only control the time, a better grasp of the history of the tide in ticks. Case diameter 42 mm, 100 meters waterproof, transparent case back carved the movement appears most vividly, more dignified atmosphere. The perfect combination of double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal with a more objective waterproof spiral head, and accompanied by white luminous pointer disposal punishment, even at night, watch the reading clearly convenient. The United States and Switzerland of the watch with the new Great Wall series of polished stainless steel strap, while also providing a black, bituminous coal gray and silver dial with black nickel or nickel-plated timescale graduated choices.