The ranking of Baume & Mercier

Baume & Mercier table is higher than Longines, lower than the Omega, is 2 class 1 and so on. Baume & Mercier always adhere to the traditional and modern balance of faith, this belief combines innovative ideas, elegant and high quality and strict professional standards. All along, the celebrities have faith in the table, continue to study newer technologies, but also close to the pulse of the times, their quality, designed to be full of modern elegance without losing the traditional style. Since its development, Baume & Mercier has become one of the world’s leading watch brands. With its sales network spread over five continents, Mingshi has won numerous awards and successfully developed many clocks and watches technology, which is known as fashionable, simple and elegant watch master.

How about the Baume & Mercier table ?

Founded in 1830, the Swiss senior watch brand celebrities has always been committed to creating excellent quality and restrained luxury watch. Today, the brand’s main series includes the classic charm of the spirit of the neon, elegant and elegant Kapu Lan, the classic perpetual of the Han Burton and the perfect fit brand new 2011 Kleeserman. In September 2012, Baume & Mercier watches in China, the world’s first new series Cliton, classic elegant lines, simple atmospheric design makes it the perfect companion for men’s workplace elite. For a long time, Celebrities has always advocated the Hampton way of life, perfect to convey the pure brand values: joy, sharing and lasting and lasting. This magical land of Hampton has also inspired the new motto of the Baume & Mercier watch: Life is about moments. Baume & Mercier table will become the precious moments of life the most intimate partner, sharing birthdays, anniversaries, graduation ceremony, entering the workplace or family gatherings and other warm-hearted moments.
Brief Introduction of Baume & Mercier Table

Baume & Mercier watches, founded in 1830, is headquartered in Geneva, Swiss watchmaking family celebrities (Baume & Mercier), 183 years of history, celebrities watches always uphold the “aestheticism, only the best quality watch” Of the watch series, to become a perfect example.

Each crown and movement of the table are engraved with symbolic perfect harmony of the ancient Greek text “ะค”. This represents the golden number theory, representing a perfect combination of proportion and harmony, and even the great Darwin in 1509 will be renamed the “sacred proportion.” This classic code is the perfect guarantee for perfect craftsmanship and drowsiness.
What is the grade of Baume & Mercier watch? Baume & Mercier watch development so far. Has created a lot of classic design series, set the traditional craft and modern style in one of the Cliton series, fashion ladies watch the spirit of the classic series of Ni, leisurely style of life and show the real strength of the United States Caprip blue series, Leisurely and elegant series of Hamilton and Kelaisimai series. Various series of clear positioning, won the public favorite.