The maintenance of Audemars Piguet watches

Audemars Piguet is one of Japan’s leading watch brand, has decades of watchmaking history. SEIKO has followed the “innovation and refinement” brand culture business operates China’s watch market. Its innovative, stylish watches, receive the love of all domestic sectors. Here some common questions about Japanese watches Amy maintenance to tell you about how to do Amy watches maintenance.
How to watch Amy maintenance.
1, oil, all of watch parts, Audemars Piguet oil components used in each watch are not the same, such as in parts of the power system must be slightly sticky watch oil (8300 oil), the gear system uses relatively thin watch oil (8000 oil), escapement demanding, you must use special watch oil (9010/2 oil), watches wash oil in the process, the most taboo is a kind of oil to use in the end. Flat watch movement parts will cause serious damage. Various types of oils pen is one of the tools can not be missing. Pen and using different oils depending on the oil. Each oil with oil pen model is the model that corresponds. Use of the process must distinguish. It will easily lead to oil degradation.
2, Audemars Piguet watches wash oil maintenance, the need for Amy watch parts all disassembled. Using a dedicated aviation kerosene soaked scrub. After a case of other professional equipment, watch Mongolia, straps and other parts cleaning. Oiling of the movement, the movement re-assembled. In addition to cleaning the outside of the case, to wear a very serious case Meridien case also we need to be polished. Because Amy very strict requirements not only for oil, even in terms of movement, assembly, technical data requirements are equally high. So for Amy watches wash oil maintenance is a very fine work. Professional Amy watches wash oil maintenance typically includes normal test session, then three days or so to complete.
So sophisticated wash oil maintenance work also requires a relatively high cost, especially for more complex movements on a million high-end watches. Therefore, specific wash oil maintenance costs need to be determined according to watchmaking watch, quality and complexity of the movement and the watch. According to Amy and watch industry associations, Amy watches on a million, in addition to the fee washable, but also according to Amy watches grade prices are subject to inspection fees and other one-thousandth. For those who are not long-term wear Amy watches, it should also be regular winding to machine chip rotation.
For Audemars Piguet’s quartz watch, the average battery life from 1–2 years. Replace the battery in a predetermined period of time also need to watch waterproof circle pad replacement, and do water testing. When the watch is a reminder appears when a low voltage should be within three weeks for battery replacement. Prevent voltage instability caused by prolonged movement other problems. Unnecessary damage.