The introduction of Baume & Mercier watches

Having 185-year history of celebrities, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland watchmaking family Mercier (Baume & Mercier) the principle of “aestheticism, produces only the finest quality watches,” the motto, adhere to the creation of timeless watch series, to become a model of perfection. As representatives of the entry-level luxury watch brands, Baume & Mercier and sincere people to share brand culture and watchmaking technology from Bruce Bennett (Les Brenets) Workshops and firmly convey a unique brand philosophy: “gather precious moments “(Life is about Moments). Brand successfully combines innovative technology and expert craftsmanship of watchmaking, Leading the group were in the same grade watches, continue to launch surprise masterpiece. Baume & Mercier watches have one to be proud of, but also pay attention to Baume & Mercier watches daily use and maintenance. Next, learn everyday use and maintenance methods under Baume & Mercier watches.
Baume & Mercier quartz watch can run 2-6 years without battery replacement. Most celebrities quartz watches are equipped with a central second hand battery life display (EOL), about two weeks before the battery runs out, the central second hand will beat every four seconds, to remind the wearer must replace the battery. We recommend that you do not let the battery run out of power remain in the watch inside, because it is likely to cause damage to the degradation of the movement damage, affect the watch operation function.
Baume & Mercier watch is water-resistant to protect the movement against the invasion of dust, humidity, and to avoid possible damage caused when immersed in water. Watch washer it water-resistant. Since these washers will inevitably be exposed to multiple external attack (such as cosmetics, sweat and temperature difference, etc.), waterproof watch may gradually degenerate. For this reason, we recommend that you conduct a waterproof watch your performance check every year. Also, make sure your crown is kept in the correct position (according to different watches have press-fit or screw-in crown) in order to prevent water infiltration movement. Note: When the watch is immersed in water, do not pull out the crown, and do not press any of the adjustment date, time, buttons or other calibration values, because the water is likely to seep inside the case. If you observe gas condensation inside your watch, please visit service center for inspection as soon as possible, because it could mean there is a problem waterproof watch.
In order to maintain your Baume & Mercier watch beautiful and shiny metal bracelet, if necessary, we recommend that you use a soft brush such as a toothbrush dampened with lukewarm soapy water category gently scrub. After this procedure, careful to rinse your watch, and a soft cloth. After each bathing or soaking water containing chlorine (swimming pool water) so care must watch. If you wear your watch every day, we recommend that you clean the metal bracelet once every two months. Before each cleaning, make sure you watch the crown has been screwed or press (depending on different watches have press-fit or screw-in crown).
Baume & Mercier watch strap maintenance
Leather strap. Leather strap of life depends on the conditions and frequency of use. To make leather strap to maintain the longest life, we recommend that you avoid contact with the water strap, wet, oily substances, cosmetics and avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. We recommend that you replace the leather strap of the task entrusted to a professional service center, so that it can ensure the perfect replacement strap with your watch.
Rubber strap. Rubber strap of life depends on the conditions and frequency of use. To make rubber strap to maintain the longest life, we recommend that you avoid contact with greasy substances strap, cosmetics and avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or any other source of heat. In addition, you can use soap and water to clean your rubber strap.
Baume & Mercier watches to note magnetic
Our environment more and more subjected to magnetic interference. Whether you wear a mechanical or quartz watch, these disturbances are likely to affect your watch run. Quartz watch may be disturbed when running into the high magnetic field region, and once away from this area, it will resume normal operation. Briefly, such interference exists only at that time the watch field center. The same strong magnetic field of the mechanical watch is very sensitive. Interference induced magnetization may be born within the movement of steel components, in some cases, especially gossamer spring. In addition, some components may be closely attached to each other, resulting in fast forward or stop watch time. In this case, make sure your watch to a professional service center degaussing. Baume & Mercier watches to avoid contact with chemicals
Please avoid contact with solvents, detergents, perfumes, cosmetics, etc. may damage the bracelet, case or gaskets items in direct contact. Temperature – Avoid extreme temperatures or placed under the watch temperature difference rapidly changing environment.