The handle method of Longines watches inflow water

Professional service technician introduce some of the daily problems on the watch
Method One: silica gel drying agent stars
Accidentally flooded inside the case, can be called silica particulate matter and water have been put together to watch a closed container, a few hours later, remove the watch, water is all gone. This method is simple and economical, accuracy and life on watch were not any damage. Has repeatedly silica gel after absorbing water, can be dried for several hours, water absorption capacity can be regenerated at 120 deg.] C, it can be used repeatedly.
Method two: hot grilled bulb
If the water is not serious, but there is an inner glass layer of mist, then several layers of toilet paper can be used or hygroscopic flannel watch package Yan, baking in 40-watt light bulb from 15 cm to about 30 minutes, you can eliminate moisture . Avoid the watch list Mongolia near the fire directly baking sheet so as not to suffer thermal deformation.
Method three: anti-wear watches
The small piece of gauze can be directly used calcium chloride (Fig. 1) wrap; and then come up with a handle-table cover, will be used gauze wrapped calcium chloride and electronic form into a sealed plastic bag and box. After waiting for a long time to watch out, we can see that the water vapor electronic timepiece disappear. If more serious watch water can be placed one day.
Four: Get watch stores Cayou
Three methods described above can not remove moisture, should be immediately sent to the watch shop Oil it clear the movement of moisture to avoid rusting parts.
Watch repair water: For water watch the only better way: open the back cover is to watch, the movement of the watch to be processed, and then to each movement parts oiled. So watch the water, the movement of the parts to make the watch of stained water, causing parts to rust damage. So, watch the water service, not only to clear the steam watch, but also for the movement inside the watch to do maintenance to prevent rusting parts hazards.
Watch into the water treatment process are aware of it, usually still a little careful, try not to let the beloved watch water it.