The cost-effective watch-Mido

What is the degree of Mido table?
Mido was founded in 1918 by George Schaeren in Zurich, Switzerland. Mido’s name comes from the Spanish “Yo mido”, which means “I measure.” It is intended to make a watch that can become a close friend of yours. The watchmaking philosophy of the Mido is a combination of timeless design and practical function rather than follow the trend. Designed to create a piece of high-quality materials, precision movement and excellent waterproof performance can be a long time to have the watch.
Mido’s brand spirit is “inspired by the eternal”, so that fleeting inspiration to bring eternal moving. In the course of development of the Mido and always adhere to the four strategies are: 1. Different styles; 2. Precision mechanical travel time; 3. Unique Aquadura sealed crown system; 4. 100% Swiss manufacturing. Mido always adhere to the four strategic requirements, never slack off, and always full of innovation.
Mido watches have 90 years of history, it watch connoisseur has a strong attraction. Their good quality and good reputation, coupled with relatively close to the people of the price that people love it.
US VS VS Tissot
Many people mention the United States will bring Tissot, admittedly, both the grade and price are similar, but the price is relatively good. Then the comparison, the pros and cons of the two?
Tissot in the country’s high visibility, because Tissot is the entry-level mechanical watch SWATCH Group products, low-end fashion watch is swatch, and mid-range by Longines, Tissot in the country and Hong Kong to buy if the discount will be small, the price is relatively hard . But also later the United States of high-end products and some of the products overlap Longines, and therefore canceled a lot of high-end positioning.Topics related articles:
The same price Meiduo workmanship, polished to be higher than the Tissot, and the United States is not a lot of low-end models, compared to the United States slightly higher than Tissot, but the difference is not great.