TAG Heuer MIKROGIRDER concept watch

TAG Heuer broke three centuries of conventional springs / balance wheel mechanical conditioning system, creating a completely new mechanical structure. This time, the Swiss watchmaking legend TAG Heuer officially announced the first accurate measurement and display 5 / 10,000th second concept watch MIKROGIRDER, vibration frequency of 1,000 Hz, vibrations per hour, a staggering 7.2 million times.
2005 TAG Heuer launched the vibration frequency of 50 Hz, accurate measurement and display of 1/100 sec Calibre 360 mechanical watch. 2010 TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Pendulum set off a technological revolution in the watch industry, equipped with the first non-winding mechanical escapement: TAG Heuer Pendulum concept of movement, for the first time to replace the magnet effect gossamer. TAG Heuer Pendulum concept watch 6 Hertz continues to research and development, which also laid the TAG Heuer pioneer in the field of high-frequency vibration.
Mikrotimer equipped with two abandon the traditional balance wheel escapement, vibration frequency of 3.6 million times per hour, 125 times faster than a standard Swiss chronograph. Central dial indicators to complete 10 laps rotation per second. So extraordinary masterpiece, won the 2011 Geneva Watch Award “best sports watch” award. Mikrotimer Flying 1000 is coming not only legend TAG Heuer in 10 years seventh aspirations for the prize, but also marks TAG Heuer excellence in design and watchmaking favored Geneva watch experts.
Today, TAG Heuer once again brought great masterpiece called the Swiss watchmaking legend! MIKROGIRDER breaking the conventional technology, revolutionized the watch heart – movement. MIKROGIRDER of creating beyond the Pendulum, Mikrotimer, represents a radical departure from TAG Heuer has been used throughout the mechanical watch industry three centuries of Christian Huygens pendulum clock prototype.

MIKROGIRDER precise to an unprecedented 5 / 10,000 or 1 / 2,000th sec, the new adjustment system instead of the general gossamer parts, the arm set at a slight angle with a high speed wobble rather than a traditional watch, vibrating at an angle of up to 320 degrees .
Advantages of the new system is self-evident. A typical spiral spring, the impact of gravity is a major problem. But MIKROGIRDER problem does not exist. Power consumption may not be required, you can use a high spectral calibration, there is no movement amplitude and frequency attenuation phenomenon. Greatly improve the precision (division of time) and performance (frequency accuracy and stability degrees). MIKROGIRDER makes TAG Heuer chronograph reach ultra-high frequency field heights never imagined that this initiative is also expected to exceed ten patents.