Senior jewelry luxury charm

Bvlgari to graceful snake design, Serpenti series of new Incantati watch with a modern design style re-interpretation of the theme of the snake, senior jewelry design concept Yao Yan in the world.

Serpenti Incantati watch in the creative source of inspiration “snake” is the embodiment of graceful charm. Its image from the ancient Roman animal fable set, over the years has been perfectly integrated in the design of Bvlgari. High-precision Swiss watch core and watch hidden in the snake head, the snake image and watch the perfect combination of design.

2016 Incantati new watch for the first time using a circular dial design highlights the snake theme.

The new design ingenuity, the snake for the first time winding around the dial, the snake’s head and body all by the designer to re-design, the line is very modern. Designer Fabrizio Buonamassa Stigliani said, “the snake’s lines are soft and charming both modern, Bulgari lion jewelry meandering spirit, showing an eternal gesture, the essence also extended to the design of this watch In. “Serpenti Incantati watch inlaid tourmaline or diamonds, each with two different designs, showing four different works.

This watch is the primary inspiration from the 1930s Bvlgari senior jewelry design headquarters design of a retro brooch, which fully proved that Bulgari deep cultural heritage and Roman culture is to promote the great potential of brand development.

Bulgari this year also launched the theme of the other two snake limited edition watch. Bracelet part of the wrist around the two, snake head part of the diamonds inlaid diamonds, snake for the emerald or ruby, to give charm charm of the snake with deep Smart eyes. Limited edition of the color is full of strong, one for the deep black, another part of the bracelet as a whole grandmother, and ruby eye showed a sharp contrast.

These two very attractive contemporary design is also a classic tribute, Bulgari never exhausted creativity makes the snake theme enduring, timeless. The serpent has been designed for more than sixty years, but this year’s design is more modern than ever.