Rolex week calendar type 40 platinum watch

In the just-concluded 2015 Basel Watch Fair, Rolex released a new generation of 3255-type movement, movement, including 14 new patented technology to improve the accuracy, power reserve, reliability, seismic, magnetic and so on. Attracting a large number of the scene of staff eyes, today’s watch house for everyone to bring a new generation of movement with this Oyster Perpetual Calendar 40 Calendar.

Oyster Perpetual Calendar Week 40-type watch is the latest exhibition Rolex, not only equipped with the latest movement of the 3255 type, but also into some of the new design, such as the diameter of 40 mm case.

40 mm platinum case

Week calendar type as to are gold or platinum casting, to reflect the identity of the wearer. This is one of the platinum material watch (model: 228206), ice blue dial grid dial to make the whole watch looks very refreshing, bezel did not use the classic “dog ring” design, but ordinary Bevel bezel, polished more soft, rounded, such as water droplets.

Double buckle lock double waterproof crown

Rolex oyster-type case to ensure water 100 meters (330 feet), solid and platinum material is more revealing a sense of elegance, from Rolex foundry built. On the chain crown with double lock with double waterproof system, together with the triangular pit bottom cover, firmly tightened in the case. Side lines smooth and comforwatch.

Head type bracelet

Semi-circular three-row chain platinum bracelet, pure classic. The rolex head-type bracelet, especially for the 1956 launch of the day of the calendar type design, but now more inlaid ceramic components chain, flexible and durable. Under the outer ring of the new hidden connection, to ensure that the strap and case seamless connection between the visual effects.

Concealed platinum crown buckle

Concealed platinum crown buckle to hinge Rolex crown logo open.

Case side and lugs are polished

Case side and lugs are polished, shining platinum’s unique charm and soft light.

Ice blue dial pattern decoration

Ice blue dial grid pattern decorative decoration, as the ice carving Yuzhuo is not an exaggeration. 3 o’clock position date display window, 12 o’clock fan-shaped week display window and large crown three-dimensional mosaic, the classic trapezoidal pointer, mirror “blisters” and other elements, after the vicissitudes of life is still classic look.

The latest release of the 3255 movement

A new generation of 3255 movement accuracy than the official identification of recognized daily use of the standard twice as high. Assembly of the new Rolex patent Chronergy escapement system to provide efficient power. Movement to nickel-phosphorus made, it is not magnetic interference. The balance wheel is equipped with a modified blue Parachrom hairspring, in case of vibration, its accuracy is 10 times higher than the traditional gossamer. The new barrel structure design and escapement system of high efficiency operation, so that the movement of power reserves increased to three days.

Summary: week calendar type 40 watch in appearance there is no big change, Rolex ice blue dial has always been more arouses love color, with platinum is very elegant, small fresh feeling. The new 3255 movement in the accuracy, performance, there are a lot of improvement. Cikuan watch price 59,600 Swiss francs, can also be considered a lot of money, and worthy of this material.