Relogios masculino 2017–Cartier

In Cartier, cheetah’s image and spirit to show. Whether it is concrete or abstract, cheetah can always be delicate and mysterious appearance for Cartier’s work to add charming temperament.

In the new “Panthères et Colibri cheetah and hummingbird” on demand display power reserve swiss replica watches, a cheetah in the hummingbird accompanied by a rest, so the scenery is really fascinating … … gently press the crown, a small leopard from the mother Arms jump out, alerted the hummingbird wings jump, and watch the power reserve display: the new 9915 MC-type movement through the hummingbird flying height to show the remaining time on the chain.

The decoration of the dial is also very simple and elegant: dotted with bright diamonds on a black background, soft weeds floating in the wind. Bezel paved with diamonds, sparkling, with the dial to form a clever contrast. Cheetah silhouette vivid, fur decorated with diamonds and black paint spots.

Glyph of silver dial is lined with blue steel hands and black scale in Rome. Sapphire crystal glass mirror. The crown steel groove is inlaid with a convex circular synthetic spinel.

Cartire – blue balloon series W6900651 men’s mechanical watch elegant design of the model, love the table. Equipped with Cartire blue balloon type 049 automatic chain mechanical movement, calendar display, large three needle, waterproof 30 meters. Silver surface with black Rome word scale design, 18K rose gold case, noble and elegant.

Panthères et Colibri “cheetah and hummingbird” on demand to show the power reserve Cartier watch poetic interpretation of the advanced tabulation complex functions, lifelike showing a cheetah mother and child snuggle between the gentle scenes.

Top jewelry and advanced watchmaking seamless fusion, the achievements of this extraordinary refined masterpiece. Sophisticated machinery hidden in the pure jewelry shape, the complex structure is amazing. For Cartier, the back of the work should be equally delicate and moving.

Cartier beyond the process territory, the release of fantasy charm. Graceful night butterflies dancing, witness the time long flow … …