Panerai Radiomir watch

Panerai Radiomir is designed for underwater military operations designed watch, one of the most famous watches. Panerai very early into the ranks of the Italian Royal Navy, along with the Navy athletes go through fire, among them are the heroic deeds of the end of 1941 was undoubtedly the most impressive in Alexandria, Egypt performed deeds attacks.
At that time, World War II, the war in Europe a critical moment, within Britain and other countries in which the Allied forces was filled with tight, almost suffocating atmosphere, but revealed a slight victory eager dawn. British Royal Navy Fleet deployed in the Mediterranean region (British Mediterranean Fleet) where Alexandra Egyptian city Alexandria, in particular, tend to feel that the survival of key stocks heavy pressure, because the fleet left HMS Valiant and HMS Queen Elizabeth two you can dominate the main warships. Italy and the United Kingdom Axis powers hostile military course, aware of the enemy’s weakness, if you can sunk two ships, the fleet will be able to drive straight to the Axis Libya Lybia territory, are hot in Africa war African War great help.
Lack of aircraft carriers and sophisticated radar system allows the Italian navy in the war actually the underdog, but they also developed by the legendary Naval lieutenant Teseo Tesei conceived, is tired called Il Maiale (The Pig or Hog, or more aptly named Blackseal ), also known as SLC (meaning text Siluri a Lenta Corsa, namely Slow Run torpedo meaning) human human torpedo torpedo means attempt to reverse the decline of the naval aspect. Italy established a name for this particular X Flottiglia Mas tenth flotilla commando unit responsible for this task, trained commandos are called Gamma Group Gamma Group.
Italian navy said this invention is human torpedo slow, in fact, neither a real torpedo, nor by human to promote. Maiale is a kind of battery by pushing forward underwater boat, equipped with two diving for military personnel (a driver and a navigator), the front end of the boat is filled with high explosive of explosives. When diving soldiers quietly Maiale drive to target off guard ships and fixed to the bottom after a bone Long, who will dive time set explosives and fled the scene as soon as possible. Although the Allies tried to prevent the deployment of heavy obstacles, the Italian Navy still virtue of well-trained special forces team and sophisticated diving equipment with Maiale, during World War II Allied warships sunk vessels, can be described as remarkable record.
Unique design show extraordinary face time scale
The late 1930s the first Radiomir watch has a distinctive characteristic, that is the time scale, Arabic numerals and Roman numerals appear staggered California face plate design. Panerai introduced this year Radiomir California 3 Days 47 mM Tris-day power reserve watch ships Edition (PAM00424) and Limited Edition (PAM00448) two watchs, engraved plate surface characteristics of this style. Time scale, pointer, track-type scale mining are two watchs hazel luminous paint, which PAM424 Panerai totem face plate decorated with flags, and a limited edition pointers outer painted blue, mirror uses a Plexiglas Plexiglas .
Another Radiomir SLC 3 Days three-day power reserve watch (PAM425) and a limited edition Radiomir SLC 3 Days three-day power reserve watch (PAM449), face plate is a unique point timing also appears another early Radiomir design. PAM425 face plate 6 o’clock also engraved the Italian Navy torpedo slow (S.L.C.) relief pattern.
This year, two limited edition watches Radiomir PAM00448 and PAM00449 except when the face plate to mark the test works Raiomir historical tribute, the pointer on the blue dressed more fully respect the original, true to reproduce the original. All four new Radiomir 3 Days watch models are equipped with P.3000 hand-winding movement, the watch diameter of 47mm.