Omega watches history and Products recommendation

1900 Paris World’s Fair. Under the Eiffel Tower, on the occasion of the handover of the new century, the Swiss Omega watches style series with its outstanding performance won the highest honor awarded by the International Committee of the commentary, and the famous Greek temple (Greek Temple) carved watch is gold one. At that time, the annual output of two hundred thousand Omega watches, has a staff of one thousand, called Switzerland’s leading watch manufacturers.

In 1848, the Swiss Confederation was born the same year, Louis Brandt and La Chaux-de-Fonds (La Chaux-de-Fonds) watches assembled open workshop. In 1880, Louis Brandt’s sons Louis-Paul and Csar will plant selected to adequate manpower, abundant resources and convenient transportation Bill (Bienne) area. After site selection, assembly plant will be the first to abandon the old system, the use of mechanized production methods, producing a unified standard parts, and the introduction of the new division of labor system assembly work, installed a sophisticated and accurate, high quality and affordable watches. 19 world-famous Omega Order movement in 1894 after the launch, not only quickly become a symbol of excellence, the company also named “Omega.” Since that time, Omega watches its advanced watchmaking technology, becoming the pioneer in the watch industry, one hundred and fifty years.

Since 1909, Swiss Omega watches will be extremely accurate in its innate properties of sports into the world, to show its mettle. In 1932, the Los Angeles Olympic Games, Swiss Omega watches for the first time elected official Olympic timepiece. In the ensuing decades, Omega has 21 times as Olympic timekeeper work. In 1952, OMEGA Omega won Olympic honors work chapter, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to world sport, and its reward accurate and reliable timekeeping and the Countless great invention, for example, to display the first thousandth of a second end imaging device, an unprecedented electronic timing device and can be displayed in the measurement period Omega observation telescope means the TV screen. In addition, today’s most modern stadium in the large-scale video matrix scoreboard is one of Omega’s inventions.

Hundred and fifty years, OMEGA Swiss Omega watches have established mutual trust in 130 countries of the world a good business relationship. Years of experience and flexible company policy Omega to continue to strive to provide top-quality watches, novelty to meet the changing needs of customers. From design, implementation to processing: each watch is only required to pass stringent quality control tested before leaving the factory.

Design: On-screen computer-aided design, Omega watchmakers to innovation, in order to meet modern styling and technical standards.

Manufacturing: In each stage, the material and parts required to pass strict quality control testing to ensure flawless parts, especially with the company’s reputation is closely related to the movement of parts. Most were sent to the Swiss mechanical movement Omega Official Chronometer Control Board (COSC) to be tested, after sixteen days and nights, in five different positions, and after rigorous testing three different temperatures, before obtaining official exact chronometer certificate.

Modifications: In this process, repeated testing. Each watches waterproof performance shall be at the actual temperature and pressure conditions detected separately. In addition, Omega watches, metal bracelets also be required to identify inspection, testing whether the firm comfort. Finally, watchmakers professional perspective a thorough review of each new watch just about to factory.

Hundred and fifty years since, OMEGA firmly in the vanguard position of Omega watches Swiss watch industry in the world, and laid a remarkable achievement.

In space, the Omega Speedmaster Professional watch model series is not only to be worn on the moon the only Swiss watch, but helped save the Apollo 13 astronauts, was NASA awarded the “Snoopy Award” (Snoopy Award) .

In sports, the Swiss Omega watches is the 21th Olympic Games (including requiring extremely accurate and swimming competitions projects) and in the United States, Canada, Australia and Japan, held auto racing team made Championship (CART) specified timing.

In terms of technology and design, Omega only has numerous accurate records, and outstanding design, pioneered a number of technologies, such as the manufacture of the world’s first mid-rudder flywheel watch.