OLEVS was Founded in 1999, the brand name from the Chinese Ouli, the implication from Europe’s fashion charm – the European fashion to the Chinese market, creating a style for consumers, distinctive fashion brand, with the Reasonable price for China’s young, white-collar, fashion people to provide rich, sophisticated fashion products.
OLEVS from Hong Kong luxury watch brand in China’s sales outlets have been covered by a second-tier cities and markets, with China’s tens of millions of consumer groups, and maintain rapid and good development advantages.
A brief history of development
In 2008, the European table successfully entered the Chinese market, and vigorously expand the Greater China market, for many favorite OLEVS brand friends! As a result, China is one of the important markets for the time table. As China’s rapid economic development, coupled with the potential of consumers to buy large, high-level watches in the city can buy business table when the table Ou Li.
In 2011, OLEVS Hong Kong Watch Co., Ltd. joined Taobao Mall flagship store, OLEVS Taobao flagship store in China for different regions of the consumer groups to provide quality services. For the Chinese market, the product structure, business channels, brand promotion for strict adjustment, has made strong support of consumer groups.
product service
Hong Kong, Europe and Europe in the table in Hong Kong and Macao markets in Hong Kong by the European Table Co., Ltd. is responsible for market planning, sales promotion and provision of after-sales maintenance services. For decades, Hong Kong OLEVS Co., Ltd. has always been the spirit of unswerving and sincere and faithful attitude to serve the market, making the Ou Li watches to enjoy a fame.OLEVS Limited in China’s major cities set up a small about 50 maintenance service stations, and set up four representative offices (Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chongqing) and in major cities set up a number of stores , For the Chinese market to provide the perfect service.
OLEVS Hong Kong Watch Co., Ltd. adhere to the quality of the brand, will continue to make new breakthroughs in all directions to meet domestic consumer products and services to the various requirements. With the best quality, lowest price, fully meet the various levels of domestic consumer groups. Implementation of high-quality low prices to win. Access to consumer unanimous praise.