OLEVS – Olivier watch, with a simple and elegant on the wrist

Has always been to respect for nature, the natural design concept of the Olivier brand, with its own unique simplicity, refined, personalized style of the rapid occupation of the market. So that the original was used to display the time, display calendar, week of the watch to join the idealist elements, so that both product comfort, taste and full flavor. So when the world proclaimed Orly, watches such as the brilliant colors, like everywhere in life, such as strong character in general, to create a classic in life. Time, there is an accurate convey when Ou Li, fashion, led by the Ou Li.
When the European watch brand culture

Founded in 1999, Olevs, the brand name from the Chinese Ouli, the implication from Europe’s fashion charm – the European fashion to the Chinese market, creating a style for consumers, distinctive fashion brand, with Reasonable prices for China’s young, white-collar, fashion people to provide rich, sophisticated fashion products.
Elegant and elegant ladies watch

Olevs ladies watch fresh and simple atmosphere, is a combination of classical and elegant, bright surface, such as the precious gem bright colors, beautiful moment is eternal elegant. In any occasion to wear can make your elegant style aristocratic in an instant to the extreme.

Ou Li stable and elegant men’s watches

Olevs men’s watches inside and outside the Ouli Shi, uncompromising, simple fashion, highlight the luxury and noble urban style; avant-garde vibrant and prudent and elegant temperament, so you are attractive on any occasion Maria, the most suitable for successful men to wear.
What is the quality of the watch?

Parts of the Olevs table have been supplied by a number of suppliers with strict quality requirements. For example, mechanical watches in the winding as long as the use of attention to maintenance, can be maintained after 20 years of its flexibility. And Hong Kong Olevs table of the overall production and assembly procedures, complete in the original factory, to ensure the quality of manufactured products to achieve the standard quality standards flawless. For example, the automatic movement of the assembly, shock absorbers, waterproof and accuracy testing and other important processes, all in the original strict quality management to ensure that Hong Kong Olevs table sophisticated, reliable, durable and noble quality of the eternal value.