Looking at Panerai from the “death squads”

“Death squads” as the first of this series of films, is Stallone self-directed, self-directed, since the play of a film, through the use of traditional action film shooting techniques, with great sincerity attitude reshaped the old classic. Although the film has a full fire, but the simple story makes the film almost completely effortless, it is clearly not the audience’s taste.
However, in such a huge amount of money to build a real base, the explosion and action scenes are true by the actors to complete, this real texture brought about by the fun effect, is definitely completed before the green screen, and then through the late synthesis And the production of the scene is incomparable.

The climax part of the film, this flash only Panerai night lens must have attracted many viewers. The film players who wear this watch, is a classic Panerai Luminor 1950 dual chronograph classical sailing chronograph watch, this watch is Panerai especially for the “Panerai classical sailing challenge” Tailor-made limited edition watches, with its extremely accurate and reliable professional positioning, 44 mm wide watch diameter and strong tough shape of the case into a tough guy’s choice.

In my opinion, this watch in this film is the symbolic meaning of “classic and salvation”, just as the old tough guy on the screen, they lit the 80’s action passion, the film is not folded Not buckle the classic. The film I am most memorable is the old figure played by Mickey Locke Stallone played Barney about the story: he killed so many people, had the opportunity to save a person, but did not save until you hear The sound of the bridge falling water.

After that he discovered that if he had rescued the woman at that time, perhaps it was his heart that was really redeemed. After listening to this passage, Barney immediately made a decision, and even plans are not, they intend to single-handedly to the village of Villena rescue Sandra. Nominally, the film is to celebrate the feelings of the old action film, but in fact for these heroic classic action actors who, is it not a redemption trip it?