Leading the city’s new fashion – Hamilton Bagley breitling series ladies watch

Hamilton introduced in 2014 Bagley breitling series of watches, design inspiration from the 1939 classic watches the same name. New Bagley breitling Series watch along the original design of the essence and unique shape, soft in the case of the lines just, patchwork of disk surface decoration, exudes Hamilton is both classic and modern unique flavor. Excellence in Swiss watchmaking technology for this series to bring high-quality quartz movement, from inside to outside distribution of self-confidence charm. Is the pursuit of elegant modern women’s essential choice.

Hamilton Bagley breitling Series watch has different sizes and accessories, can be with the match. Beige ostrich strap style noble and personalized steel strap style careful and capable. Quick release strap design practical and intimate, the wearer can easily remove and replace the strap, with a different shape and mood.


With the size of 36x30mm Bagley series H12451155 breitling Hamilton Ladies Watch personality shine, liberal and dignified, wearing eye-catching enough in the wrist. The table is equipped with 980.163 Cal. quartz movement, with time display and small second hand function. The central disk decorated with silver waves ripple, the golden section of the table shows the scale intellectuality. In addition the table adopts stainless steel bracelet.


Another with the stainless steel bracelet Hamilton Bagley breitling series H12351155 ladies watch with 23×28.5mm petite size, suitable for slim body, slim and skinny women wear. The size of the table petite, but did not affect the waterproof performance, and large-size models also have 50 meters waterproof. Movement equipped with a smaller number of Cal.980.153, also has a time display and small seconds, accurate and reliable. Disk decoration and large size models such as a withdrawal.


Beige ostrich leather strap for Hamilton Bagley breitling series H12451855 ladies watch to bring a different kind of experience. Ostrich leather strap, as a sense of rough, wearing is extremely comfortable. And the table a little retro ear lips intersect, distribute both classical and modern unique effect. Loved by highlight the personality, highlighting women of all ages. Movement and large size stainless steel watch with quartz movement Cal.980.163, the function naturally no change. Beige ostrich skin and silver plate scale also blends a unique color taste, very attractive.

Hamilton Bagley breitling Series H12451855 Womens Watches

Finally a Hamilton Bagley Braun series H12351855 womens watch the same with beige ostrich leather strap, but watch size reduced to 23×28.5mm. So more prominent that Smart and lightweight watch, the wearer can show between the bare hands and sweet lovely side. The watch movement is also a small size model Cal.980.153, with hours and small seconds display.