Hublot Watches Introduction

Hublot, born in 1980, is the first fusion of precious metals and natural rubber as a raw material of the top Swiss watch brand, from its birth, whether material or tabulation from interpretation of the watch unique aesthetic concept is concerned, in the watch industry have set off a revolution. Hublot brand advocated the concept of “fusion art”, covering zirconium, tantalum, magnesium, titanium and other precious metals and diamonds, perfect precious stones, gold, platinum, ceramic, steel and natural rubber fusion.
“Hublot” is French, meaning the hull side lighting with “porthole”, so we are seeing now Hublot is often used to create multi-metal assembly of the case heavy, heavy feeling very strong, which is designed in the Swiss watch extremely rare. Rubber strap is another major contribution Hublot, in order to alleviate the watch to bring the wrist to bring the skin discomfort, after years of research and development, the use of large quantities of rubber, this technology broke the Swiss watch’s style, led the and a strange fashion. Even the most advanced, most traditional watches also introduced rubber, even if a lot of French classical watch shop very dissatisfied with this point, but the final decision-maker is the consumer, market acceptance of the Hublot watch industry faster than watchs, this trend also soon numerous celebrities the world, just a few years Hublot joined this elite driven brand of watchmaking columns.
brand Speciality

Hublot watch natural rubber strap with precious material featuring a combination of rubber and precious metals and natural elegance, natural rubber excellent performance has been very good interpretation, like a moment of contact with the skin regeneration. When sold two strap thickness according to the customer’s real-time connection to a wrist watch body, its softness and ease of full compliance with the customer’s wrist curve, unparalleled comfort. This design is a precedent in the history of watchmaking, but the beginning of the creation, which is designed not to be optimistic, but now has become a source of inspiration for all kinds of watches success. Founder boldly forward, so Hublot in a few years, will be among the well-known Swiss watch brands. Since Hublot classic design, it will soon become the first choice of the world famous people, including many members of the royal family are its loyal fans!
Hublot is a minority adhere to the “single-product” concept watch brands, a watch that is divided into classical, elegant, active in three series, each series are coupled with their renowned black rubber strap. Hublot for the first time cast valuable gold watch body and natural rubber strap combined to become the originators of this style, rubber and just like the skin upon contact to regenerate the same. The strap is made in two parts can purchase specialized adjust to fit, you can freely adapt instantly comfortable customer’s wrist, the wearer unparalleled experience.