Hublot watch-What is the Charm of Fusion Art

n the 1980s, the Italian Carlo Crocco in Switzerland Lac Léman Lake Nyon town founded the Hublot watch brand, when the brand seems to be out of tune with the watch industry, known as the “Hublot” Alternative “, put it nicely, Hublot is a cutting-edge brand.

Hublot is French, meaning the hull side lighting with the “porthole”, which gives the designer a good tip, so we now see Hublot watch mostly made of heavy metal aggregates heavy case, heavy metal is very strong , Which in the Swiss watch design is extremely rare. Rubber strap is Hublot’s another major contribution. In order to alleviate the wrist strap brought to the skin discomfort, after years of research and development, began extensive use of rubber, this technology has broken the Swiss watch the usual style, led to a singular fashion trend. Even the most advanced, the most traditional watch also began to introduce rubber technology, even if a lot of French classical watch shop is very dissatisfied with this point, but the final decision is the consumer market faster than the watch industry accepted Hublot.