Hublot and Big Bang Sang Bleu tattoos watches hand in hand reinterpret the iconic Big Bang design

1461811919377189688Harmonious and balanced work of art came into being in the wrist. Swiss top watch brand HUBLOT Hublot to join London tattoo studio Sang Bleu released quite interesting and remarkable Big Bang Sang Bleu Tattoo watch. Balanced proportions and harmonious pattern of symbiotic fusion, the infinite mystery about geometry in the dimension of time. At the same time, this watch design also highlights the Sang Bleu tattoo studio deep knowledge on geometric patterns creation. Sang Bleu founder Butch Maxime (Maxime B├╝chi) draw inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci painting “Vitruvian Man” (Vitruvian Man), the harmonious and balanced pattern design gives the watch to record the time being . Since ancient times, humans have by virtue of the symmetry of the master graphics to create many stunning architectural works of art. Maxime Butch deeply comprehend the mysteries of geometry and the creation of a unique artistic style, these qualities are also projected for Butch relentless pursuit of perfection and artistic symbols of worship.
Hublot Big Bang iconic design aesthetic and geometric integration usher
As early as in February 2016, London Fashion Week, Hublot that is presented in cooperation with the Sang Bleu studio fusion of glass and metal elements art sculptures. The works of art in the form of whimsy constructed visually stunning sensory images, and thereby extending cooperation watch design concept – a rather delicate constitution of flip superposition of circular and square unique pattern, not only the introduction of “orthogonal circular” concept, in a more daring way maverick recording time, Hublot’s iconic Big Bang design also ushered in integration with geometric aesthetic.
The new Big Bang watches can be described as unprecedented. Watch edges are chamfered to produce geometric effect. Classic round bezel is polished into hexagonal, so watch presents a wonderful three-dimensional effect. Matt black dial through the annular satin brushed, Arabic numerals on its specially designed by Maxime Butch. Second scale engraving on the metal dial, curve and overall harmony of a watch. Dial “no pointer” unique design not only gives the watch a more mysterious atmosphere, but also to lead the new time dimension. Three levels of rhodium-plated octagonal plate overlapping display time. The largest octagonal tray for “Hour”, a small octagonal plate reads “minute”, “hour” and “minute” plates are decorated with white luminous coating in order to read the time. The H logo and decorated with black dial Sang Bleu hourglass is recorded seconds elapsed.
Big Bang Sang Bleu Tattoo watch the world’s limited collection of 200
Big Bang Sang Bleu Tattoo watch the world’s limited collection of 200, equipped with a redesigned production Hublot UNICO movement. Remove chronograph movement run by three octagonal plate display time. Outline the movement of the pendulum from the triangle Sang Bleu logo. Dial octagonal pattern also extends to 45 mm diameter titanium case, after case carved deep rhyme geometric beauty of sculpture. Black calfskin strap selected through the thermal treatment rendered gray gradient effect, and lined with natural rubber. Also engraved on the back strap Sang Bleu logo, a tribute to the cooperation.
Big Bang Sang Bleu Tattoo watch avant-garde design and ideas so that the wearer from being detained traces of tattoos, they also can make unique “tattoo” in the gestures develop their style