How to verify the authenticity of TAG Heuer watch ?

TAG Heuer watches authenticity to grasp the following three aspects:
1. Process. True table exquisitely delicate, rigorous and flexible seams, no corners rounded corners, plating uniformly bright. Surface and the back of the text is clear.
2. packaging. Really very particular about the packaging table, table box is very beautiful, there are exquisitely manual or warranty card; leave the table are more rough, even without these packaging materials.
3. sources. Really formal invoice table, selling price and the price the public will not differ too much. If a few hundred dollars or one thousand yuan to buy TAG Heuer watches, it is absolutely off the table.
If they still can not distinguish the authenticity of the watch, then watch shop, please get a master inspection movement (true and false differ primarily in the movement), could not be clearer.
Whatever the watch, maintenance work is very important to maintain good watch can allow you to watch long run intact.