How to see the number of Longines watch ?

Longines watches have exceptional watchmaking process, so many people choose to buy, but bought the Longines watches, but do not know how to look Longines watch number, the next is the introduction of small series.

Founded in 1832 in Saint-Imier, Switzerland, the watchmaking family has a unique blend of tradition, elegance and performance. While domestic shopping malls and stores are often able to see their presence. If everyone has their own name, like a Longines also has its own model, this is reflected in its number.
Longines watch number query: where to see the model】

1, watch the warranty card will display the full model of the corresponding Longines watches.

2, the most simple and direct way, the watch will be displayed on the back cover Longines models, but only part of the show. The full number of the corresponding warranty card to check.
【Longines watch number query: Longines watches on the code behind the meaning of】

To L4.635. for example male watch (series number. Product Code. Materials. Dial color. Hours instructions. Strap)

L4 (series number) 635 (product number) 2 (material) 1 (dial color) 1 (hour indication) 1 (watch band)

The first set of numbers: Longines series on behalf of the serial number

L1: Conquest series of convex to the convex side of the watch as a symbol, sapphire crystal, 30-100 meters waterproof, quartz and automatic watch, belt and metal band

L2: Nnvigntor aviation navigation watch, the whole series are automatic watch, 30 meters waterproof.

L3: Admiral Admiral series (Opus, the emblem series) are the full range of automatic watch, sports, 30-200 meters waterproof, sapphire crystal watch mirror. With rotating outer ring.

L4: Les Granden classic series, design solemn and elegant, most of the quartz watch, 30 meters waterproof, with leather strap

Jialan series, ultra-thin design, quartz watch, sapphire crystal, 30 meters waterproof, belt and metal band

L5: the flag series for the quartz watch, sapphire crystal, 30 meters waterproof, all with metal band

L6: Rodolphe, ladies fashion watch series

L7: Other watches Other watchs: pocket watch, special commemorative watch, Chinese type

The second group of numbers: that product number

1 ** for the female watch, 5 ** for the medium watch, 6 ** for male form

The third group of figures: the material that

2 for the gold-plated, 3 for the gold-plated and steel, 4 for the steel, 5 for the gold and copper, 6 for the gold

7 for the gold and drilling, 8 for the titanium and gold, 9 for the titanium and gold-plated, 0 for all-steel diamond

The fourth group of figures: that dial color

1 is white, 2 is off-white, 3 is gold, 5 is black, 7 is gray, and 9 is blue

The fifth group of figures: that hours instructions

1 for Roman numerals, 2 for the scale, 3 for the Arabic numeral 5 for more than two instructions and use, 7 and 8 for the drill

The sixth set of figures: for the strap

1 and 2 for the belt, 3 for the chain