How to maintain Mido watch ?

Mido watch has been a pioneer in waterproof watches. Before making any adjustments, there are the following reminders:

If you choose the commander ocean star models, it uses a hard shell case, can guarantee maximum waterproof performance. The design uses a two-part polisher that pulls the crown out to setting positions II and III, with caution because pulling the crown too abruptly may pull it out. If this happens, contact your dealer to install the crown for you and check for water repellency.

If you choose the watch model with Aquadura system, this watch around the crown rod encased with cork ring, to ensure maximum water resistance. Before pulling out the crown, turn two or three turns.
Correct use of the United States is the best watch maintenance

◆ winding: In order to ensure waterproof, some models with screw-tight crown. Before setting the time or date or week, the crown must be unscrewed to position IB and then pulled out to position II or Ш. After each operation, the crown must be rotated back to ensure the watch is waterproof.

(Or IB, for a watch with a screw-type crown), or flip your watch a few times (if it is an automatic mechanical watch style), the watch should be turned clockwise to position I (or IB) . Quartz watch is driven by the energy of the battery, so do not need winding. In the case of an automatic quartz watch, the crown can be moved to position I (or IB, for a screw-type crown) for at least one minute, and the watch will use this time to resume normal operation. In this way, it can have 16 to 24 hours of power source. To quickly charge your watch, you can flip it several times to achieve positive and negative.

How to maintain beauty watches?

◆ Set the time: Pull the crown to position Ⅲ, then turn clockwise or counterclockwise to set the desired time. For models with the second hand, it can be synchronized with the official time signal (radio / TV / Internet). When the crown is pulled out to position III, the second hand stops. Once the time is set to achieve synchronization. Push the crown back into position I (and tighten it, for models with screwed crowns).

◆ Battery: Once the battery is exhausted, it should be replaced in time. If the second hand jumps once every 4 seconds, this means the battery has reached its end of life and should be replaced immediately. Lithium battery life is greater than 10 years. Never use an ordinary silver oxide battery to replace the battery, because it will permanently damage the movement.

Maintenance and maintenance of the United States watches

▲ regular cleaning with a soft cloth and warm soapy water (except leather strap). Rinse in brine and rinse in clean water, and allow to dry completely. When drying, do not place the watch in a location where temperature and temperature are high, and do not expose it to direct sunlight or near a strong magnetic field.

▲ Allow the Mido representative or retailer to repair the watch once every three to four years.

▲ If you do not wear a watch for a few weeks or several months, it is recommended that you pull out the crown to the last stop and then save the watch. So that the energy consumption can be sufficiently reduced.

▲ newly purchased the United States to remove the back cover of the transparent film, to avoid sweat residue in the middle of the transparent film corrosion cover.
United States watch strap with maintenance

▼ Metso watch strap to avoid contact with moisture and moisture, to prevent discoloration and deformation.

▼ US table strap to avoid long-term exposure to sunlight, to prevent fading.

▼ Because the United States watch strap cortex easy to penetrate, avoid contact with the oil-based substances or cosmetics.