How to maintain Breitling watch mirror case ?

1, maintain Breitling watch mirror case , table mirror table to be regular cleaning, dry and washable with warm water. Sweat, dirt, etc. will corrode the appearance of the watch material, and can cause individual skin allergies. Buy a new Breitling mechanical watch to tear off the back cover of the protective film, or sweat will remain in the middle of corrosion cover.
2, due to Breitling watch strap cortex easy to penetrate, avoid contact with the oil substances or cosmetics. Breitling watch strap to avoid long-term exposure to the sun, to prevent fading. Breitling watch strap to avoid contact with moisture and moisture, to prevent discoloration and deformation.
3, Breitling mechanical watch , waterproof test and appearance of cleaning once a year. Mechanical movement of the Breitling mechanical watch, every 3 to 5 years to do a machine maintenance. This will not only make the watch is always in good running condition, but also effectively extend its service life.
4, but the above maintenance services are only applicable to the general wear of the watch, not included in the abnormal wear or constant impact of the situation such as the watch. It is noteworthy that the Breitling mechanical watch to avoid contact with various chemicals, once encountered, to be promptly cleaned, so as not to cause discoloration, loss or other loss.