How to identify the true and false Imelda watches?

How to identify the true and false Imelda watches?

Imelda is pure Swiss origin watch brand with fusion of Italian-designed , this art of refinement of the brand created the appearance of the pursuit of classical, elegant design soul break the convention and emphasize individuality. How do we distinguish between true and false when we purchase it?
1, testing the authenticity of identification to identify Imelda Watches

When buying Imelda watch, you should check the seller’s commodity inspection certificates, and whether the number of counterfeit laser mark on the card number within a single list.

2, watch craft

True table is smooth and fine workmanship,leave the false table at first glance

might not see any difference, but the nuances are very rough.

3, Identify the authenticity of Imelda in the movement

From the point of movement, splint or put thallium superscript Imelda genuine watch movement within the corresponding trademark sign with the words; steady movement in the case assembly; movement within the cleaning. No word on fake trademark signs Imelda watch movement splint or put thallium, or trademark sign writing rough, blurry, skewed, or simply with a small copper paste; movement within the dirty, there is some movement in the copper scrap , hair, fingerprints and so on.

4, watch glass

General sapphire crystal watch glass is by glass, the easiest method is to distinguish between the glass surface with a finger tap, real sapphire mirror will make a crisp sound.

5, see the hiding place

Observe all corners, such as the inside of the strap (strap head with a number). These are the most difficult for false table to do, but also the most likely to ignore by local buyers.