How to identify the Casio watches?

Casio Watch is one of Japan’s three major watch brands,it was known with multi-functional G-SHOCK watches for many years. Casio watches represent vitality, fashion and multi-brand has long been popular in China, there is also a wide range of supporters. It is because of the continuing popularity casio watches, selling fake goods has long coveted, face chaotic market complex products Casio watches, Casio watches, you know how to identify genuine and fake it?
1. Genuine CASIO watch digital scale engraved plate appearance of neat and clear, while the outer disc digital imitations looks a little rough, and some imitation goods even very rough.
2. Genuine CASIO watch dial relatively bright and clear, shading also dial within a clear specification. Dial imitations bleaker deep, shading within relatively easy to dial, and some even more blurred.
3. The damping genuine CASIO watches larger buttons, when pressed strong feeling strong, and imitation products are more loose buttons, the poor feel when pressed.
4. Casio watches LOGO neat font specification, there is a standard spacing between letters. The relatively compact between LOGO letter off the watch, the overall feeling of the font is slightly flat.
5. Genuine CASIO watches steel strap polished fine, clear texture. Imitation strap polished more rough texture and some shades, was the line shape.
6. Casio watches generally use the blasting process, and high imitation watches was drawing process.
7.CASIO genuine watches edging is more rounded, arcuate. The edging imitation goods more relatively sharp, angular form, edges are sharp.
8. Rules genuine CASIO watches holes is relatively small. Excavators template off the watch edge shape diffusion holes slightly larger.
9.CASIO genuine watch bezel writing clear and detailed, and high imitation watches bezel slightly rough fuzzy text, careful observation can be resolved.
10. Genuine CASIO watch strap close convergence, which converge at the gap is small and norms. Imitation goods strap loose convergence, not only a significant gap, and the gap sizes.