How to identify the authenticity of Ebohr?

Now, even from regular mall, it is still always fakes, especially for watches, its high price, if the result is a fake, then people lose too much.
The first step, of watch movement, to see whether the model watch is equipped with movement type and model identification; if the identification mark above clear and beautiful, is mostly true, otherwise the print is very vague.
The second step, begun to taste the watch labels, is not a model of the watch model code, is not the manufacturer’s brand printing, especially those with laser anti-counterfeit labels, but also the corresponding inspection.
The third step, carefully watching the appearance of the watch, is not fine workmanship, sanding is not bright and clean, full font is not vivid.
The fourth step is to see if the watch model describes all the features of the watch is not all have, if only a decoration, then certainly off the watch.
The fifth step, watch the time identified above figures or indicate the law is not neat, is not a perfect correspondence with the pointer.
The sixth step, look at your watch all the lettering on the watch brand or model, the mark is not clear, screws or during the relevant watch is not smooth.
Seventh step, watch certificate is not very elegant, printing and encoding watch above and on the watch is not consistent.
The eighth step, it does not work, go a few counters, teller to let you verify the true and false.