How to identify Longines need to replace the battery?

First, now Longines watches generally have the battery life indicator.
Second, the three-pin (or second hand) quartz watches have a basic battery life indicator, when the battery is about to run out of capacity, voltage drops, the second hand will pause four seconds species, then rapidly jump 4 seconds walking state, (early watch is pause for 2 seconds, then rapidly jump 2 seconds walking state) this function is called EOL. This phenomenon must be timely to replace the battery, during which watches transported have approximately one week to two weeks. (Two needles quartz watches do not have this feature)
Second, in the purchase of imported watches, watch back cover stickers are an indication of the next battery replacement date.

When changing the battery on the date for the next time you buy a watch it should be noted that the back cover stickers marked, but usually the actual use of the battery will be longer.

Third, watch the situation when suddenly slow down or stop the appearance of walking.

When the battery power drops, insufficient capacity when the battery internal resistance will increase, the voltage drop, especially those with relatively large current output or the outside temperature is relatively low, the watch will stop when you walk or suddenly slow down or travel time to stop the phenomenon.

Fourth, the digital display watch display bleak, there are alarm sound when the alarm function of the digital display disappears.

Watch the lights and sound alarm function digital display are particularly power, if the alarm sound and turn on the lights when the LCD digital display darkens or even disappear, it means that the change the battery.

By the way, replace the battery should be required to change the original model, nor tried to charge or grilled way to restore the old battery power. If you need to replace the battery in the watch appears frequently always the case, it is necessary prosecutorial watch the circuit if there are problems.