How to identify genuine Longines?

1 Recognition appearance

From the exterior, genuine Longines watch dial, the back cover of the trademarks and brand label writing clear and complete; the actual number of matches within the diamond drill marked number on the dial and movement; consistent with those indicated in the cover material and the case of the materials used; Longines smooth clear glass; case components outside edges no sharp sense; coating without bubbles, do not fall off. Counterfeiting genuine Longines watch dial, back cover marked trademarks and brand illegible; dial the number in the actual diamond drill standard number does not match with the movement; Case components outside the rough edges, plated blistering, loss or accessories fracture phenomena.

2 Identification movement

From the point of view movement, splint or put thallium marked genuine Longines watch movement within a word the trademark signs; steady movement in the case assembly; movement within the cleaning. Counterfeit Longines watch movement splint or put words no trademark signs of thallium, or trademark sign writing rough, blurry, skewed, or simply with a small copper paste; movement within the dirty, there is some movement in the copper scrap, hair silk, fingerprints.

3 Identifying selling price

Longines watches import price in a given period, with stability. Brand watches such as Japan, are priced at 2,500-3,000 yuan; Swiss brand Longines watches are priced at 1,000 yuan, and some brand-name watches as high as several million or even several hundred thousand dollars, like Rolex, Tudor, Omega, Piaget Wait. In general, less than the above price of imported watches, without special reason, suspicious of fake or tainted imported watches, watches.

4 identification test identified

When consumers buy Longines watches, you should check the seller’s commodity inspection certificates, and the number of counterfeit laser mark on whether the card number within a single list. Other methods also identify the authenticity of many, such as the use of detection equipment to test the gold content, the accuracy of travel time, water resistance, hardness, glass watch, genuine diamonds. By measured data to validate and imported watches marked data and instructions are consistent, it is determined authenticity. In addition, a number of brand-name watches, due to the movement structure and inherent special markings, as well as special recognition, but need professional equipment and test equipment.