How to identify genuine and fake Panerai watch?

True is false, false is also true, now watch the market are numerous, all kinds of sinister business was mixed, the fake really sell goods and counterfeit goods are everywhere, if not expert easily deceived, a Panerai watch at least a few million units, Maidaojiahuo more heartache ah. In addition to buy high imitation watch, watch faithful to avoid being cheated. Take a look at How to identify genuine and fake watches.
1. look at the price. Panerai is a high-end watch brand from Italy, watches prices were more than 30,000 yuan, if you see or buy Panerai only a few hundred dollars to, it is absolutely fake.

2. Look at the fine tuning needle, needle-shaped Panerai is turn, lower often also leave the watch with ETA type needles, but now there are advanced imitations done quite similar.

3. See gooseneck trimming, leave the watch mostly deaf ears, not even crooked screw top. Panerai own core mostly wove splint, leave the watch not by much imitation, it will not be like. So Panerai fake watches look like to do again, the movement is often missed flaws, people see that it is a fake watch.

4. Observe the caseback. Where the original watch, especially the male form, must be stamped in the case after many letters, specify brand name watches, production country, steel or semi-steel waterproof, anti-magnetic, shock or vibration device name (see below common English letters mark the appearance of the watch), and engraved with the watch brands dedicated logo. In addition, also engraved with some figures to indicate the number of watch movement and case number. After some mostly counterfeit watches engraved pattern and cover letter is very thick vague, unknown shell number and movement number. After the original watches generally cover affixed with a film, but in Plum watch after watch covered with a green plum-shaped label affixed. Switzerland’s gold-plated watch case, in the case file open position (spring rod and mounting strap opposite to) engraved with letters, such as PLAQUEGI0, indicates the case is 10 micron gold plated. Counterfeit watches are no such markers, many counterfeit watches titanium nitride process posing like gold-plated case.

5. dial. Where the Japanese production of watches, the dial plate 6 are printed on the lower end of the word line of a small number that represents the movement and plate number; counterfeit watches do not. Some Swiss brand name watches, like plum, Enicar others have some special mark on the dial. “Empty Pa” (airmaster) type plum male watch in the lower part of the dial, printed with red letters TITOFLEX, and the vast majority also inlaid with a glass or metal quality diamonds. Enicar watch in the lower part of the dial sTARJEWEIS words printed letters. No such letter on counterfeit watch dial. Some counterfeit watches on the dial, although letters printed sWISSMOVT Swiss movement, such a letter is to indicate SHOCKPROOF shock watch, but such flaws and defects on the watch dial typically more, such as disk insert the word could not be positive, sub-line blot blur, the disc words or trademarks letters pattern on the dial inlaid Debu tight, there are more scratches, discoloration and night out point fall off the disk, and tomorrow night, points are added to the back side of the disc of the word, night out point larger and seem uneven, there are the dial and the pointer points tomorrow night Shangye bright spot color inconsistent. Some with daily, weekly calendar of counterfeit watches have such characteristics: It appears that outside of the calendar disc is tilted back from the calendar window, or calendar dial is plastic quality. Week calendar dial is marked with a Chinese week (excluding Japan watch) or to the right word in English week, with numbers on the left.

6. Observe the head watch. Counterfeit watches are trademarks or letter stamp printed thick fuzzy or 100% W ~ P word, and the use of semi-steel watch steel head.