How to do Omega watches is damp ?

How to do Omega watches is damp ? Inevitably encounter unexpected when wearing Omega watches, such as water, broken, dirty. But there are various types of watches, different prices, so different values have different treatment. When these fine Hengda watch repair center professional maintenance technicians watch as we compiled some damp treatment methods, we hope to help everyone.
How to do Omega watches is damp ?

1, if the Omega quartz electronic watches by the tide, the desirability of a number of small calcium chloride, with gauze wrap; and then open the cover electronic form, it will be wrapped together into calcium chloride and electronic form an airtight plastic the bags or glass bottles, sealed. Usually three hours or so can be in addition to wave, the electronic watch back to normal. For serious damp moisture absorption time watch may be extended.
2, common mechanical watches Omega affected by the tide, use a dry cotton wool on your watch, then 40-watt light bulb bake 5 minutes, exterior and interior moisture can all be evaporated.
3, sweat chloride of gold-plated watch very corrosive, gold-plated watch should promptly wipe clean stained with sweat, sweat in order to avoid erosion of the watch lose their luster. Omega watches plated yellow yellow plated layer is a metal film made of copper, zinc, aluminum alloy, if the poor maintenance very easy to fade and dull. Before wearing yellow plated watch should be the case with a clean, soft cloth to wipe clean, and evenly coated with a layer of colorless nail polish, dry and then wear after 1 to 2 months at intervals of Tu.
Tips: The above article content is a professional service technician for Omega watches damp related presentations. Whatever the watch, maintenance work is very important to maintain good watch can allow you to watch long run intact.