How to do for rusty Panerai watch parts?

Panerai watches wash oil:
Wash watches oil is a very important part for the daily maintenance. Watch movement lubricants cleaning and note referred to as “wash oil” is a watch repair a regular very important work.
Wash oil for the purpose of maintaining the necessary cleaning and lubrication chart component parts, thus ensuring precision machine parts watch, watch machine to improve the life of the accuracy of travel and extend machine watch.
Under normal circumstances, the general use two years after the closing watch movement oil wash once. Under normal circumstances, they often wash oil work is carried out simultaneously with the adjustment and repair parts. In addition, the checklist malfunction at the same time, must also be found in the watch of wash oil machine at work the following issues:
1, movement within the lubricating oil dry or sticky. This will increase the mechanical resistance movement, so that the watch machine down time allowed;
2, too much oil inside the watch. This will result in four oil spills, contaminated parts, especially pollution escapement governor mechanism, so that the machine watch or stop and go obviously not allowed;
3, within the movement into the foreign matter such as dust particles, metal particles, fine fibers and the like. This will cause the watch for drive

Blocked, so that even when the watch machine allowed to go stop and go;
4, parts rust. This is because the user watches the lack of maintenance of common sense or the use of environmental (such as water or under high-altitude operations) influence, and because of poor performance caused by sealing the case, it will take the watch when the machine is not normal or stop and go.
To watch the oil wash is a very professional live, not who wants to wash can wash. Watches wash oil comprises two parts cleaning cleaning and oiling is the machine so the part of all removed, with special cleaning fluid to running sedimentation sludge cleaned, etc. After the cleaning fluid evaporated to dryness at a point on a dedicated watch oil, assembled, has been tested and debugged, the end of the whole process of wash oil.