How to distinguish the true and false Longines watches according to the number ?

Longines watches for the Swiss, is committed to the pursuit of precision tabulation process, focusing on elegant design and innovative ideas, therefore, in the international reputation, among the best of the market. However, there are a lot of simulation tables on the market. Some people think that the appearance is almost the same as that of the real watch, and even if there is some experience and expertise, nobody can “fast” to verify its true. False unless imitation is not good.
Authenticity: (to grasp the following points apply to all brands of watches)
1. Process. True table exquisite workmanship, close and flexible joints, corners rounded horn, plating uniform light. Positive and clear text on the back.
Weigh the weight + technology + watch his watch, “birth certificate”
Really expensive watch manufacturing materials, many of which are made of 18K gold, diamonds, platinum and other glass is generally more than about the weight from the table 1/2; work fine, smooth real form of false work in general very rough nuances ; The print quality of these prints, the true formation of the “birth certificate” of the shadow is clearly visible.
Therefore, how to distinguish the authenticity of Longines watches?
Longines watch number description (true and false can distinguish), the general situation can be seen through the back of the case the number of cases, such as family size, the case of major, bracelet to understand the situation.
2. package. Very particular about the real form of packaging, table box is very beautiful, there are beautifully produced instructions or warranty card; all the more coarse from the table, even without these packaging materials.
3. Source. The fact that the table has a formal invoice, sales prices and fixed prices will not differ too much. If a few hundred dollars or thousand dollars to buy a Rolex watch or a few hundred dollars Longines, it is definitely a fake table.
If they still can not identify the authenticity of the watch, it has a watch shop, please master the movement (true and false in the movement of the main difference), and then clear.