How to buy Omega, different series of classic Omega watch

Omega has a clear product line and mechanized production methods produce precise and accurate, excellent quality watches, Omega 1880 plant relocation to adequate manpower, convenient transportation Bill region, from Omega’s Constellation on its chariot , hippocampus, Speedmaster and De Ville four series of rapid-Benz wheels up. These four characteristics of their own watch collection has gradually accepted by the people and win their loyal fans, buying power generated for the development of a strong brand power. Next, small series will watch some of the classic among the four series recommended for everyone, so that everyone in the purchase of Omega when detours.

Omega Seamaster is the most recent trend of a rapid series, a 1995 Omega Seamaster watch in “GoldenEye 007” debut film opened this date and watch the longest span of cooperation. From Pierce Brosnan to Daniel Craig, Omega accompany personable Royal agents completed a difficult task again, off James Bond hippocampus gentleman, Bond also deduce the hippocampus challenge and adventure product characteristics. It is also by virtue of the more than ten years, this once starred in the hippocampus watch more and more people are concerned, and now has been beyond the original brand of the oldest constellations series momentum.
Since the result of “007” fame, then Xiaobian recommend watch naturally and “007” are closely connected, the value of 47,900 yuan Omega Planet Ocean “SKYFALL” Limited Edition 600 m diving watch and value 36,800 yuan Omega “James Bond 007 collector fiftieth anniversary of the” Limited Edition coaxial 300 meters is one of the outstanding diving paragraph style. Both tables are followed hippocampus watch sports style and excellent water quality, scale and timing of the former was replaced by 007 pistol logo 7 o’clock, while the latter will direct the classic signs festooned on the dial, to demonstrate its links with 007 intricate.
In addition to the excellent 007 commemorative watch, watch orange hippocampus hippocampus Planet Ocean is a very classic style, orange color demonstrate the vitality of the movement, introduced this year, orange ceramic watch is one of the outstanding representatives, but this limited edition eight ceramic material to build plus platinum watch with the public is bound to be no chance. But it does not matter, hippocampus worth 43,500 yuan is a very representative with orange Planet Ocean watch, but its price is more approachable.
Omega De Ville four series among the least recognizable series, but since it had its reason to exist, it can be considered to be an area to enjoy Omega designers to display their talent, they can use the series to achieve Ville their own ideas and not subject to any display recognizable design. Thus showing in front of us is a colorful Ville Ville, would recommend to everyone a male models, worth 68,300 yuan Ville 422. watch, this is a timed section, it’s chic disk design Xiaobian shines, symmetrical four small dial is very unique, clever double calendar display selection window position is also very unique.
Female models to recommend to you is 2013 hot Ladymatic, the rounded shape of the case, radial ornamentation disk design with excellent appearance of the exhibit, I believe you can grab the inner core of the majority of the ladies, plus precious metals and diamonds adorn the case materials certainly more impressive. Xiaobian that the material color options 425. worth 192,800 yuan can best embody the beauty of this design is a type of small series have also played with this table, although small series is a pure man, but still by its look and feel touched, although valuable, but worth it.

Speedmaster more well-known because it is accompanied by the production of the first man on the moon watch, that the surface of the moon completely different environments tested Speedmaster superior ability to adapt to the environment, but also laid the in the super-eminent position within the circle of the Omega brand watches. Since the moon became famous because of its lunar table would have a big selling point, in 2013 launched the “Dark Side” is an excellent representative of its lunar tables, that domineering pure black once available to let many table fans hooked Xiao Bian had had the privilege to use this table, black ceramic, whether visual or get started on a very good performance texture.