How to adjust the date of Citizen mechanical watch ?

How to adjust the Citizen mechanical watch ?
Time adjustment method

1, first pull out the first two steps, clockwise dial needle, when the date and week start to change, this time is the time of the night watch.

2, and then continue to clockwise pointer, has been allocated to Beijing.

3, will head back to a file, before and after the toggle, the date and week to the day of the day.

4, pushed back the head.

[Note, do not watch the time of the night 21: 00 ~ 4: 00 between the speed dial date and week, in order to avoid calendar beating inaccurate]
How to adjust the date of Citizen mechanical watch ?

1, the crown pulled out, so watch all the pointer stop, enter the “adjustment time” state. At this point the time to adjust to six o’clock. (In order to avoid a date of damage when the date of the date module)

2, push the buckle back to the buckle, to “adjust the date and week” status. (At this time the watch pointer to start normal rotation)

3, adjust the date and week to the date you tune the table the day before.

4, the key steps.

How to clean the Citizen table ?

Use a soft cloth to wipe off dust, perspiration and moisture from the case and the mirror. Metal, plastic or rubber straps can be washed with weak alkaline soap and water. The soft brush is used to remove dust and dirt from the metal band. With a toothpick strap body surface caught in the dirt accumulated in the tick off, and wipe with a soft cloth. However, if the bracelet is leather or non-metallic, it can only be cleaned on the table body.


► When cleaning the watch, please pay attention to the parts of the watch, do not pull out;

► Avoid using solvents such as paint thinner, gasoline, etc., because the solvent can easily damage the finish;

► Seawater is highly corrosive. Citizen Waterproof watches should be rinsed with fresh water after being soaked in seawater, then wipe dry with a soft cloth to avoid corrosion.