How much the Longines watches price probably?

Everyone has always been more like a Longines watch, this watch has a very elegant design with perfect beautiful patterns. Longines watch sales in China first which is very popular in the market has resulted in a high imitation watches on the market is increasing. The price is more chaotic. Longines watches price is probably how much? From tens to tens of thousands have. Longines watches know people know is fake, do not understand Longines watches thought to take advantage of their own, and spend a few hundred dollars can buy a genuine Longines watches. So now Longines watches price on the market is divided into several levels that do?
Rough abuse imitation Longines watches sold ranging from 30-100, but the Longines name and logo affixed to the watch, the other parts are made of rough, these watchs to win, low prices. Can even one black. Buy these rough indiscriminate imitation Longines watches are also a number of people the bottom of society. Income is not high, that is false but also to buy one, they just look at your watch to understand time time. The watch in the end is what kind of good, but what was good Why is this watch is good? For Longines watches okay? They do not care about these things
This exquisite high imitation Longines watches both from 300-3000. From the outside it is difficult to see the problem, and generally not very good Longines watches people can cheat in the past. This exquisite high imitation Longines watches no invoice, no guarantee, no maintenance service of documents. Mainly popular in the network, there can be no assurance that the price of natural not too expensive. watch met Dong people will not buy, but do not know that people who buy directly. Sometimes people also took the price to buy a genuine fake.
Genuine Longines watches prices are from 5000- to 50,000. Needless to say this, though not PL Longines watch, but the price is not low. Genuine Longines watches prices are not hundreds, saw hundreds of fake needless to say, of course, some people like it. But genuine Longines watches price is still some differences. Network aiming Longines watches prices of goods and the store genuine Longines watches price is somewhat different.