How about the Oris watch ?

Familiar with fashion  friends all know that when Oris is the best known in Hong Kong, one of the most promising fashion luxury watch and jewelery brand, founded in 1999.
How when you watch like Oris? Exquisite fashion products

When the brand name is derived from Chinese Oris, meaning “charm fashion from Europe” – hopes to European fashion into the Chinese market, for consumers to create a style prominent, distinctive fashion brand, with reasonable prices for Chinese Young , white-collar, fashion rich, sophisticated fashion. When Orisdevelopment in China just as the wish to achieve its vision. Today, Oris in China’s sales network has covered the second-tier cities and markets, with tens of millions of Chinese consumers, and to maintain a good rapid development advantages. Orly become the preferred fashion shopping list when.
How when you watch like Orly? Cost rave reviews

For decades, while Oris a consistent and unwavering spirit of sincere loyal attitude to market services, such Orly watch negative enjoy fame. Orly when set up in major cities in China about 50 service stations, and set up four representative offices (Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chongqing) and opened several stores in the major cities, the Chinese market with the perfect service.

Orly adhere to the mass brands, we will continue to continue to achieve new breakthroughs, to meet all domestic consumers for products and services requirements. With the best quality, lowest price, fully meet the domestic variety of levels of consumer groups, in order to carry out high quality and low price to win unanimously consumer word of mouth.
How when you watch like Oris? Excellent quality impeccable

Oris when parts have been by some of the strict quality requirements of suppliers, mechanical clockwork watch as long as the use of attention to maintenance, you can still maintain its elasticity in twenty years. In addition, most models are gold plated Orly at 5-10 microns thick gold, and the gold bracelet Swiss vacuum ion plating (abbreviation PVD), in order to ensure long-lasting color watch body; as for surface inlaid stones more traditional jewelry craft mosaic, rather than for general paste.

Oris overall production and assembly procedures when fully completed in the factory, manufactures a view to achieve perfect quality standard level of quality. For example, an important step automatic movement of the assembly, shock absorbers, water and accuracy testing, are under strict factory quality management to ensure accurate, reliable, durable and noble qualities and eternal value.