How about the old Rado watch?

Rado on the Swiss, the design is a reflection of the inner beauty. Rado never watch themselves as a watch manufacturer, but with a unique design concept of the watch brand. Swiss Rado table design distinctive personality, smooth lines, with a strong sense of modernity and innovation. Each Swiss Rado watch design seeks to go beyond the boundaries of time and space, to create the perfect style, watch a unique external beauty and comfort when wearing, is the designer and materials experts, watchmakers work together results.

Rado has a different material. Each Swiss Rado table lines smooth, elegant design. “Porcelain” series with a sapphire crystal surface, not easy to wear tungsten and titanium alloy case and strap; “Precision Ceramics” series with high-tech ceramic strap; “Pearl Ceramics” series with a spherical sapphire crystal surface, high The ceramic watch is made of high-tech ceramics, showing a perfect harmony of the whole, won a number of design awards, as a milestone in the design of the watch, “the whole ceramic” series of watches and bracelets are made of high-tech ceramics, Silver drill “series, high-tech ceramic white gold or elegant black is a masterpiece of technology and design;” Diamond Pa “series, not easy to wear tungsten alloy to give sports watch new power;” Sirex ” Ceramic technology to create the perfect spiral shape.
Rado table design concept

When other brands are still using ordinary materials such as gold, copper or steel table, the Swiss Rado table has begun to use tungsten titanium, sapphire crystal, high-tech ceramics, copper and polycrystalline diamonds and other high-tech materials manufacturing watches. In the use of extraordinary materials at the same time, watch design and materials used in combination, so that the watch is an elegant jewelry, but also played a timing role.

Methods of Distinguishing True and False Radar

1, the material used for the Radoceramic, mixed ceramic or stainless steel, false table for the tungsten steel;

2, all watches (whether Rador other watches), the back of the case are the word screw, leave the table for the cross;

3, the Radowatch design such as the inclusion of precious stones (such as diamonds, topaz, emerald, etc.), the dial will have Jubile words, there is no gem is not the words do not meet the section for the leave table;

4, all the screws for the Radowatch the only size, unofficial channels will not have the same screws can be used, leave the table to use the common specifications of the screws, the market can buy;

5, the Radodial in addition to SWISS MADE words, there will be additional three small numbers (such as 017,018, etc.) in the middle or next to SWISS MADE, there is no SWISS MADE and three small figures, or the emergence of other origin words For the fake table; old radar, such as the founding series of some dial watches only SWISS + three digits, rather than SWISS MADE + three digits.

The above is the introduction of the old Radotable, when other brands are still using general materials such as gold, silver or steel watch manufacturing, the Swiss Radotable has been selected ahead of the material such as hard metals, sapphire crystal, high-tech ceramics, Or high-tech diamonds and a series of high-tech materials for the manufacture of watches.