How about the mechanical Mido watches ? How to maintain the mechanical Mido watches ?

How about the mechanical Mido watches ?

Mido made George Schaeren was founded in 1918 in Zurich, Switzerland. Mido is the spirit of the brand, “confirms eternal inspiration”, the job of all the tabulation process adhere to the distinctive style, precision machinery when walking, unique Aquadura crown seal system, four hundred percent in Switzerland idea. In China, the United States and the degree of hand with accurate travel automatic mechanical chronograph and excellent water quality of these two razor into the Chinese market, and have a good response. Due to the high quality mechanical watch world famous.

Mido movement is ETA movement, most of today’s watches mostly this movement, but with other brands is that the US is the result of the movement of the secondary polishing, which means what it means the degree of wear of movement between the various components of the United States other than the low movement, which greatly increases the stability of the watch, accuracy and durability. From the exterior, the United States and many of the positive splint polished a lot of patterns, adding jewels, blued steel screws, transparent cover is really breathtaking.
Mido watches, of course, is relatively good, Mido watches are the architectural design and industrial design for the first time integrated into the watch design in a high-end watches, but it is mainly to do mechanical watches, after the Swiss Observatory certified, high quality is approved. Another point is that Mido waterproof mechanical watch waterproof, Mido is a very famous Swiss watch, it pioneered the cork waterproofing system, waterproof watch technically still ahead.
Mido mechanical watches How do you care?

Regular maintenance is necessary, Mido mechanical watch is driven by mechanical gears and clockwork rotated, a long time wear is definitely yes, so regular lubrication to reduce wear and tear.

Although waterproof Mido watches mechanical watches in the industry unique, but this does not mean that you can watch something right with your water, especially not the United States of mechanical watches into the hot water, and do not bring sauna. These are your water level and the level of availability.

Each is essentially a magnetic watches must be maintained, the mechanical watch is no exception Mido, Mido Never mechanical watch on the TV, stereo and other magnetic field next place, because the magnetic watches that will lead to travel time and so on are not allowed.

Shock is also a maintenance mechanical watches Mido indispensable, vigorous exercise during the time we should watch off, to prevent the watch Pizhen bad, if not carefully watch Pizhen lead to bad, you should immediately go to the official service points service.