How about the Ebohr Watch?

One of the four watches as a domestic company has more than a thousand Ybor marketing terminals nationwide marketing network and service centers in the country enjoys a high customer awareness and reputation. Ybor was founded in 1991 in Shenzhen, China, EBOHR Company of Hong Kong listed company (0256) China Haidian Group, is a professional design, manufacture, marketing, brand watches, jewelry and precious metals refined products group of companies. Wave by wave by companies under the Enterprise Technology Center, Shenzhen Palmer Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shenzhen EBOHR online e-commerce Co., Ltd. and the Swiss marketing company and other enterprises. Strong capital and years of effort, led by wave watch has maintained a steady development in recent years.

According to wave by wave has EBOHR– watch, a plurality of Qana watch KANA- ladies jewelry watches, EBOHR COMPLICATION– Yufei complex mechanical watches, EBOHR JUNIOR-EJ student watchs and other brands, and has a high degree – Swiss brand CODEX- machinery watch Asia-Pacific region and the exclusive agent in mainland China sales network and service centers. From the sales point of view and the response from the market, according to Bo launched all series watches are legendary.

According to wave watch by the Japanese original movement, the precision production technology, stable quality, fashionable, casual, youthful and highlight the personality style. Quartz watch is in accordance with the main wave of selling part, mostly with date and week display, more classic style. According to wave the watch face crystal glass surface with high hardness, never worn look as new. According to wave hands to use Traser technology, advanced imported quartz movement, no difference when minutes and seconds to go. The strap according to wave more fashion sense, leather, steel, precious metals and other materials, durable and sturdy.

Watch according to wave more than 40 years of watchmaking technology, the introduction of Switzerland and Japan watch making technology to produce high-quality, high stability, cost-effective products broadly divided according to wave quartz watch, according to wave manual mechanical watches, according to full-wave automatic mechanical watches, according to wave hollow mechanical watches, and several other categories.