How about the Chopard mechanical watch ?

In the domestic authentic licensed market counters you can buy Chopard watch sports series, Elton John wrist series, classic racing series, LUC series, Ms. series and many other models, the price range of about 38000 — 5000000 yuan . All sales of the lowest price table is Elton John wrist series model 168331-3001 male form, priced at 37,600 yuan.
Table: Tire rubber strap, durable; table Mongolia: high hardness is not easy to wear anti-glare mirror; work time: all parts of the brand logo; fine workmanship; watch the table: full stainless steel watch; Chopard / Chopin watch around 350 dollars, 3-position: calendar, 6 o’clock position: kinetic energy display, travel time precision, the power is strong; Men’s size: diameter: 4.3 (mm), the movement of the Cm, thickness: 1.2 cm; (larger models) have 250, the quality is about the same, but different styles.

Chopard watch price, the price range is really big! First of all, consider the 2000-2500 Tissot, the same price can also consider the 6r15 core Seiko, case technology is good In the same price Switzerland table; slightly higher degree of devaluation of the United States, followed by Hamilton and the like, a lot of people like to see; 4000-7000 price is also a lot of Longines cost-effective; slightly higher Movado, TAG Heuer; , Emperor Tuo, Omega. (I said the price is available in Japan, Hong Kong or online prices, the mainland shopping table is too expensive to buy) quartz watch mechanical watches than the same grade a lot cheaper.