How about the Casio watches ?

Casio watches are produced by the Japanese Casio Co., Ltd., Japan is one of the three major watch brands. Casio Co., Ltd. And 1974 introduced the first can display the date and can accurately determine whether the leap year of the watch, a sensation watch industry.
Launched in 1983, G-SHOCK series of earthquake watch (from a high drop without damage), once again hit the industry.

Casio Co., Ltd. entered the Chinese market in 1985, Casio office was established in Beijing (Room 803, Jingtai Building, 24 Jianwai Street, Chaoyang District)

1989 Casio watches once again shocked the industry. The introduction of a good weather can be expected to watch the BM-100WJ, which was leading the trend of the design, popular in the market.
Casio in 1995 in Zhongshan and Zhuhai, respectively, the construction of joint-venture factories, completely open the Chinese market.

Is it ok for Casio watches ?
As already mentioned, Casio is a Japanese brand. Japan watches and clocks, including Citizen, Seiko and Casio and Swiss watch is not known, because the Japanese watch industry started late, not too much accumulation, are basically quartz watches. So the basic positioning to the middle and low. Casio positioning to new, avant-garde, fashion-based. So more sports models, and compared with similar Japanese prices are more expensive. Casio has always been a technology leader in the peer, can be innovative, unique technology used in watch time, and over the years there will be a technological breakthrough in the production process and workmanship has a lot of accumulation, especially in electronics (quartz watch is battery-driven of). So the Casio quartz watch is still quite worthy of selection.
In summary, the Casio expensive, but the work well value for money, cost-effective, relatively expensive also selected Casio.