How about the Baume & Mercier watches?

From an artistic point of view the concept of Baume & Mercier

Celebrities from the beginning to insist on the balance between tradition and modernity belief, this belief combined with innovative ideas, excellent quality and elegant and rigorous professional standards. All along, all Baume & Mercier keep the faith, constantly updated technology of study I, also close to the pulse of the times, innovation, design full of modern yet traditional and elegant style. Today, Baume & Mercier is internationally renowned senior watch brand, its sales network throughout the five continents, Baume & Mercier tired eligible for awards over the years, and successfully opened a number of watch technology, known as the fashion, simple, elegant master watch .

Each Baume & Mercier watch crown and movement are engraved symbol of the perfect harmony of the ancient Greek word “ะค”. This theory on behalf of the gold figures, the combination ratio represents the perfect harmony, and even the great Charles Darwin in 1509 will be renamed as “divine proportion.” This classic code is the best guarantee flawless craftsmanship and Thatcher Formation.

From Baume & Mercier watches to see

Founded in 1830, the Swiss watch brand Baume & Mercier has always been committed to creating excellent quality and restrained luxury watches. Today, the brand’s main line includes the classic charm of Lingni, dynamic and elegant Capeland, Hampton Classic eternal and perfect fit for the brand new 2011 motto Kelaisimai. September 2012, Baume & Mercier Kerry Washington in starting a new series of global Chinese classic elegant lines, simple design of the atmosphere makes it the perfect companion for elite men in the workplace. For a long time, Baume & Mercier has been advocating the Hamptons lifestyle, perfectly conveys pure brand values: joy, sharing and meaningful and lasting. Hambledon this magical land has inspired a new motto of Baume & Mercier: gather precious moments (Life is about moments). Baume & Mercier will be the most precious moments of life distinctive intimate partner, share birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, entering the workplace or family gatherings always heartwarming.